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Conquer Fear of Failure, 5 Incredibly Simple Ways to Overcome Them

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In this article we will examine fear of Failure, what does it means? What are the causes of it? And how to conquer fear of Failure? We firstly need to understand what “failure “ means ? Simply failure means for someone great learning experience. What is fair of failure ? Fear of failure is a good thing because it push us to do hard work to achieve your goals continuously, but when you heavy fear of failure on you then it will stop you doing the things that can move you forward to achieve your goals.

There is only one thing that makes

Our dreams impossible to achieve: The Fear of Failure.

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Causes of fear of failure:

Fear of failure can be linked to many causes. Just like , having critical or unsupportive parents or friends ,they were almost daily humiliated in childhood and may be their friends taunted him if he or she is failed to do something and now he or she carry those negative feelings into adulthood .

Don’t trust on yourself.

Always think negatively

” When you think of your self as a failure ,you will become failure”.

How you Experience Fear of Failure:

If you have fear of failure then some or all of these symptoms might you have?

  • Feeling hesitation to Involve in challenging projects.
  • Willingness to try only those things about which you have knowledge.
  • Low self confidence.

Now in this article I will tell you 5 incredibly simple ways that will help you and guide you in many places that how to get conquer on fear of failure if you want to get conquer on fear of failure.

Don’t be afraid from peoples:

When you are doing something don’t think what peoples are saying if you failed. Just focus on your goals. Do work hard and put your trust on Allah.

Learn from Failure and visualize yourself:

If you are failed to do something then visualize your self, for two minutes taking deep breath and relax your mind and then start thinking what you learned from your failure and do planning how to achieve your goals.

Don’t lose hope:

You have to never lose hope because hope is a one thing that gives you power to achieve your goals. And “Hopelessness is Sin”. If you failed then start hitting an obstacle and hurdles that stand between you and your success.

Learn to think more positively:

Positive thinking help you to build your self confidence. So, always think positively. When you think positive and have good confidence then you will try to do better planning to achieve your goals.

Feel the Fear:

Always try to do something new. If you are feeling afraid before trying something new then allow your self to feel the fear but don’t the fear be heavy on your self.


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