Conservative, Moderate, and Liberal Positions on Equal Pay for Women

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In societies through generations, women have fought for their rights due to discrimination. Male dominance has taught people to downgrade women instead of valuing them. One of the main ways that they are discriminated would be their pay from work. Some people might argue that women should earn less due to their gender, but regardless, a person’s gender should never determine their worth. The differences between conservative, moderate, and liberal positions on equal pay for women are striking and deserve examination.

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Firstly, women’s rights regarding equality should ensure that women are treated with respect and given equal value in their workplace. It is immensely important that someone who puts the same amount of effort into a job as another individual, gets paid the same amount of money out of fairness. Some individuals might disagree and state how “women are more likely to take time out of the workforce for caregiving so they should earn less,” which is inconsiderate of their additional duties at home they need to fulfill. People should understand that females have a life outside of the workforce and need to earn the decent amount money it takes to make a living. In order to run their households, they need enough money to provide for their family and themselves. Similarly, Cheryl Hughes, a mother of two children has went through an extremely unfair situation because she has “dealt with an overwhelming male majority in the field and found a balance between motherhood and being a student, but she couldn’t overcome pay inequity. Hughes said she lost more than $1 million in earnings throughout her career as an engineer because she is an African American woman.”Additionally, it should be kept in mind that the responsibilities outside of work that women have to carry out, such as taking care of their children, is very energy draining. Furthermore, all of this needs to be taken into consideration so people should think twice before not giving equal pay to women.

Next, the feminist movement has fought for their rights to gain career paths that were not possible for them to attain before. Now, girls are able to attend college, have earned more representation in the field of politics and can now work in administrative positions. Although women are currently able to work alongside men, that does not stop the gender stereotypes from affecting them negatively. Sexism is still occuring in our society today which limits many opportunities available to women. The media has been poisoning the minds of many by interpreting men to be greater than women in most aspects. For example in movies, males are usually portrayed as heroes who rescue damsels in distress. This affects the minds of children who grow up with this idea, causing them to unconsciously begin the process of belittling women. The media also portrays girls as objects and sexual toys which degrades women, feeding into the idea of male dominance. These are only some of the huge factors that helps brainwash the minds of countless people, giving males too much importance. Making men the center of attention is terribly influencing the world to depreciate girls. Given these points, society has created the concept that men are superior to women which is false. Hence, women are given little pay compared to men since they are not given importance.

Moreover, the stereotype of how a woman is not cut-out for working and should remain as stay-at-home mom is not accepted in today’s society. Nowadays, women have access to education and can put it into use to gain great careers. However, even after women gaining the right to work alongside men, “women in the U.S. who work full time, year round are paid only 80 cents for every dollar paid to men — and for women of color, the wage gap is even larger.” This is why it is crucial that people stand up against gender discrimination so a women’s hard work is not taken for granted and they can get the pay that they deserve. In addition, a “women’s work is under-valued and women tend to be concentrated in different jobs than men” is wrong and unacceptable since they work hard to make ends meet. Even in a female dominated work-place, there is a preference for males, such as the nursing field. Being a male has many advantages since they are able to find jobs even in female territories. This is why our planet is thought of as the man’s world by innumerable people because of how being a certain gender is the factor that decides someone’s worth.

Overall, gender discrimination causes females to face difficulties in their personal lives despite how they still work just as hard as men career wise. Furthermore, it is morally unacceptable how all men and women are not being treated as equals. Individuals have to appreciate the value of women and not take their efforts for granted. Females are looked down upon so changes need to be made by teaching others the significance of women. After taking everything into account, is it truly difficult to be a female when men are viewed as higher-ranked individuals. Women should not be mistreated by not being given enough earnings when they work in a career since they have to handle their family’s needs at home. On the whole, it has been justified that females should not be looked down upon and get paid an equal amount of money as a male coworker with the same job position.

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