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Constitution Guards Against Tyranny Or not

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The constitution should add some amendments for many reasons. Some amendments I would add is to change the age of your license and change the permit age to 14. Another amendment I want to add is to make smoking illegal. The final amendment I want to add is to add breathalyzers into cars. The main goal of the constitution is to create a more perfect union. I believe this idea’s for amendments will fulfill this.

People should be able to get there license at age 15. This will make them feel more responsible and will have more self-confidence because it will make them feel more in-powered. According to, “The Legal Driving Age Should Not Be Raised. to become doubtful about the legal driving age is sixteen. People feel that the driving age should be raised to twenty-one so that society is safer and has more responsible drivers. These people are wrong because teenagers are not as irresponsible as they think.” According to the Chicago Tribune “, the driving force behind a proposed federal law called the STANDUP Act. The bill, introduced in the U.S. House last April, would create federal guidelines for teen driving laws and punish states that fall short by yanking their federal highway funds. Among the most controversial rules: The law would raise the learner’s permit age nationally to 16. Appealing as that may sound to white-knuckled parents, it’s a wrong turn. Setting a learner’s permit age is best left to states. And setting the age at which teens actually start to drive is best left to the people who know them best: parents.” This supports that teens should get their license at age 15 because changing the license age will allow students/kids to have more self-independent. This will allow parents to have more trust in their kids, so they know that their kids are more responsible than they think they are. This also means that the federal law that they are trying to pass is to make sure that they make the age 18. Making the age to 18 is not good because it will make people feel that they cannot be trusted with driving on the road, but will lower the chance of people that are under 18, that people also think that is irresponsible, too get in an accident. This is why people should be able to get their license at age 15.

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According to, “Tobacco clearly takes a significant toll on the lives of Americans, causing 450,000 premature deaths each year, and drastic measures should be taken to eliminate the habit from our lives, including, some say, banning cigarettes. But others argue that, in today’s society, such a goal is overly idealistic, and would be extremely difficult to implement. ‘As someone who’s looking out for public health, I think it’s a great thing,’ said Dr. Bradley Flansbaum, a hospitalist at Lenox Hill Hospital in N.Y. ‘Knowing that tobacco is public enemy number 1 in preventive illness, I don’t think I can endorse smoking for any reason,’ Flansbaum said.” They also say that “In 2009, the Food and Drug Administration banned the manufacture and distribution of flavored cigarettes, such as chocolate and cherry, over concerns that the products encouraged youth smoking. However, banning all cigarette products is a different matter entirely. Barriers to passing such a ban include the power of big tobacco companies, the cost of enforcing such a law, and the rise of a black market for cigarettes, experts say. ‘Once you have a substance out there like tobacco in wide use it’s hard to turn around and make it illegal,’ said Arthur Caplan, a bioethicist at New York University School of Medicine’s Division of Medical Ethics, ‘You can certainly tax it, you can certainly stigmatize it,’ and educate against its use. But ban it? ‘In reality, it’s not going to happen,’ Caplan said. This supports the idea of banning smoking because it has many health risks and is the number 1 cause of preventative death. This is also very bad for the pollution for people around them, making it spread even more. They should add this amendment because it affects everyone that smokes, and for the people around them. This is also bad because if they ban smoking, the rise of the black market will impact people trying to buy it, will have a greater impact by having even more people getting arrested, thus more people going to jail.

According to, “According to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2004, 16,694 people were killed in alcohol-related crashes. With statistics like that, it is easy to see why state legislators are getting calls to mandate equipping cars with breathalyzers and ignition interlock devices.” They also say “If the public wants it and the data support it, it is literally possible that the epidemic of drunk driving could be solved where cars simply could not be operated by drunk drivers,” says Chuck Hurley, CEO of MADD, which is hosting its first conference on drunken-driving technology in June.” Finally, they say that “Currently there are approximately 70,000 ignition interlocks are on vehicles, the lion’s share of them are ordered by the courts for repeat drunk-driving offenders. A former National Transportation Safety Board official, Barry Sweedler, has been working with automakers to place the wiring for ignition interlock devices in all cars thereby making it easier to install the devices. Once interlocks can automatically check alcohol levels without any action from drivers, Sweedler believes they should be standard equipment in all cars.” This supports the idea of having breathalyzers in all cars because it will prevent the people who are intoxicated, to be restricted from driving, and solving the epidemic of drunk-driving. This also supports the idea because it will solve the many deaths that happen every year because of drunk-driving. This amendment would help so many people because on average for each year, there are 10,000 people dying because of drunk-driving. Finally, this supports my idea because the public, and data all support the idea of once the technology of detecting drunk-driving, they want it standard in all cars.

Someone who disagrees with these ideas would say some people that smoke does it for a medical reason. Well, this is ok because they are using it for a purpose instead of doing it for recreational use. Also, not everybody has this condition so there will still be a gigantic decrease in the amount of air that would be polluted each and every day. According to, “The air pollution emitted by cigarettes is 10 times greater than diesel car exhaust, suggests a controlled experiment, reported in Tobacco Control. Environmental tobacco smoke produces fine particulate matter, which is the most dangerous element of air pollution for health.” This proves that a lot of pollution goes into the air just from smoking alone. But, smoking is still bad, therefore should be illegal, but will be exceptions for people that need it for medical use.   


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