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Constructive Critique of My Key Strength and Weaknesses

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Key Strengths

Good sense of verbal behavior goes a long way, it allows for the development of my own communication skills, including approachability and thought out language to provide effective conversations with co-workers and most importantly clients in the work place. All skills aiding in non-verbal communication. Essentially, for the occupations available after graduation, include physical communication, in which it covers personal communication, ranging from smiles, winks, and gestures. Social communication uses specifically physical movements before speech is made by either individual. Including the practice of textual and listening skills (following instructions). Cultural skills and efficiency in a foreign language (Spanish) aids in pointing out that I can face unique challenges in the field since I will encounter many individuals from different backgrounds, which may include Spanish speakers. Knowing the language will accommodate my communication from not only a professional view but also a sensitive one that can aid in developing better understanding with others.

The martial art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Provides a valuable lesson in hard work (that pays off). When first starting you are getting thrown and submitted at will by others. But you will start to see that as you put more time into your practice, it takes you longer to lose, and you lose less and less. Jiu jitsu teaches you the value of hard work, because you actually get to see the progress of your hard work every time you “roll”. Essentially, teaching me that I need to stay on the path, be consistent, and practice mindfully.

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Identification of Key Skill Areas for Improvement

The sense of being overwhelmed. When I first started working in previous jobs, I found that I was overwhelmed with the level of work expected of me. Scheduling everything was a challenge for me, and I found that as a result it was hard to stay on top of certain task required of me because I wasn’t able to attend all my focus on one specific task. Overachieving issues, trying to over impress can lead to me taking more work then I can actually handle. Followed by my lack of patience for process or explanation and an unwillingness to read directions that co workers present through oral communication multiple times. Also finding it hard to fall asleep, which only aids in the fact that we all hate getting up in the morning, I tend to snooze my alarm clock, before finally dragging my self out of bed. While rushing most tasks will only the weekend on my mind.

Strategies to improve

When it comes to the issue of feeling overwhelmed, strategies that could aid in this, is beginning to finish task that I started and didn’t complete slowly chipping at the work load, not only reducing stress but increasing confidence level for other tasks, if I feel mentally exhausted I can look for things that can be completed with a reasonable time (15-20mins) or simply give my mind a break, instead focusing on all the tasks that I have to complete, I can put it on other smaller things allowing myself to “recharge”. It allows for better prioritizing tasks rather than over complicating them.

Overachieving goes hand in hand with becoming overwhelmed. Its simply not possible for me to stop stressing about work when I’m constantly thinking about what needs to be done. Needing to put my foot down when I have the urge to take one unesscarty tasks that will only increase stress levels. I need to stop seeking for validation!

Patience is a virtue they say, that I completely ignore. Although now especially in the field, it truly will be a virtue. It will result in better decision making, allows me to step back a fully evaluate the situation and see the bigger picture. Allowing for better control of my emotions and puts me in a position to assess factors with a better mindset.

SLEEEP! The most important yet overlooked, I need to get a better sleep schedule in order to preform in the field and to reduces unnecessary stress due to my lack of sleep. Strategies to improve my sleep schedule included, actually having a sleep schedule set, certain times need to be made, in which I disconnect from my phone and from the television. Finding at least a couple of ways to relax an hour before bed.

Failing to Improve These Skills

Essentially failure to improve of the skills listed will have a great affect on my performance in the workplace, in a negative way. Disregarding the strategies when it comes the sense of becoming overwhelmed, I will simply be “drowned” in work, which will add stress and lead rushed work, not reflecting my best character, my patience level will no longer exist and forget about sleep. All of these factors will inevitably lead to my termination in any occupation I acquire.

Personal Reflection On Feedback

Constrictive criticism can lead to confusion on many different levels, although I felt that this feedback activity was productive in the sense that it points out key elements in my character that will aid me once improved. Overall, I was fairly happy with the feedback, it allowed me to see and reflect on areas that I thought before were fine, but some needed work, which will benefit me in the future. This allows me to review strategies to counteract the negatives and try to eventually make them strong points in my character.


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