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Consumer Behaviour And Attitude Towards Smartphones

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Consumer’s attitudes toward owning

This section focuses on the mobile brand that respondents said to own, the price they paid for, the informatioPlagiarism Checker By EduBirdie. n they obtained from and finally their preferred place to buy mobile phone. It further analyses consumer’s frequency of switching smartphone.

Self-actualization relates to achieving a sense of fulfillment of personal growth and personal potential. Higher motivation for self-actualization could make consumers open to new experience and learn new ideas and skills . through smartphone applications consumers have opportunity to communicate and explore more and more of the world in order to actualize the self.

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Preference of mobile phone brand

Consumers attitude towards brands is also one of the concern where, companies are more focused to attract consumers. Brands are more than just names and symbols. It is also the element of relationship between company and customers .The brand name of the smartphones has directly influenced customer’s perception toward the quality of the offering. When customers are satisfied, they generate word of mouth and it will lead to others to be interested and choose the brand . To enhance consumer response, marketers strive to build brand equity in order to capture consumer preference and loyalty. Brand equity is the added value endowed on products and services and it may reflect how consumers think, feel and act with the brand. A study on the effect of brand name toward smartphone shows that people trust the well know brand for its quality, performance and believe that brand shows a person lifestyle and societal status. Brand is a name, term, design, symbol or any feature that identifies one seller’s goods or services as distinct from those of other sellers.

Based on the research on Fnu staffs results, Samsung is the most preferred brand, as highest respondents whose previously owned mobile phone was also Samsung followed by Nokia iPhone was merely owned .

Price paid for the mobile phone

Price is basically the amount of money a consumer willing to pay for in exchange with products and services that they think are valuable. The value of money varies from different people. Some might think it is valuable for a high price but others might think it does not worth for the value of money. If the discount rate is low, it should be presented in its value; whereas if the discount rate is high, it should be presented in percentage, so that customers will have higher purchase intention.

According to the findings the question was kept forward among the participants; the Among the participants, majority of them have ‘IPhones 5’, few have ‘Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4’, ‘Nokia and ‘Sony Xperia Z’. The reasons that participants responded for buying expensive Smartphone were quite different from each other and some of the participants just agreed on what other said without expressing their own views. The participants seem to have their own choices of selection and decided to buy the expensive Smartphone for different purposes. Some their thoughts were:

From the consumers’ perspective, price provides a source of information for buyers to judge product quality, especially in cases where they are purchasing highly innovative e products and lack the knowledge required to objectively evaluate the product/technology. According to Vodafone which is leading retailing company and store the cost of smartphone range from $100 to $2000. Price range on smartphone depends on its specification and capacity.

Product features that attracts consumer behavior

Product features including hardware and software. Hardware is the description for a device that can be touched physically. The hardware of a Smartphone is the body of the phone itself, size and weight. Colour and design are also considered as hardware as it is the physical appearance of the Smartphone. Software whereas is the general term for computer programs, procedure and documentation. The software of a Smartphone is the operating platform, storage memory, or apps that run the phone. It shows that software is much more important than hardware in Smartphone purchase decision making process. However, in the same research Smartphone’s design gain the most importance of the device specification, it exceed the importance of Wi-Fi , computing power , price and others .


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