Contagion, Flue and Outbreak: the Movies Showcasing the Pandemic Experience

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In December 2019 coronavirus started to spread in China and in March 2020, the World Health Organization declared that the coronavirus outbreak is pandemic. Most of ourselves are under lock down, under self-isolation or working from home. This is the best time to dig into some pandemic movies. Since many of us never experienced a pandemic situation before, watching pandemic movies can either educate you or scare you. Just kidding, don’t be panicked after watching these movies. Try to understand the basic science behind the scenes. Here, the best pandemic movie list you can watch now.

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The most relevant movie you must watch in this pandemic situation. This movie was created 9 years ago but Contagion is what we are experiencing now with this COVID-19. From the transmission of the virus, the struggle to find a cure, the invisible war with the wide spread virus, selfishness, attitude and agony of the people, all is there. Simply, this movie is an eye-opener. The best part is, Contagion shows the importance of social distancing, self-quarantine in a global pandemic situation. Further, it glorifies the strategic importance of education, medical preparedness, seminal researches needed to fight with challenges we face in a global crisis. Moreover, Contagion is the best pandemic movie so far.

A great pandemic movie shows how a deadly virus outbreak could happen and how to take precautions. Despite the year released, Outbreak is still very watchable even in the present coronavirus outbreak in 2020. Since Outbreak is based on a small outbreak of a virus that crosses borders and turns into a very dangerous virus that cannot handle, it is very similar to a coronavirus outbreak. The virus originated in a monkey in African rainforests and it makes its way to the US and is infecting all, without a cure and scientists are fighting to find a cure. You see, isn’t this the pandemic and medical crisis we are experiencing now? If you still haven’t watched Outbreak, this is the perfect time to watch, with the current global pandemic situation.

Flu is a Korean pandemic movie based on the outbreak of deadly H5N1 virus that can kill its victims within 36 hrs. The storyline of Flu start in a container of illegal immigrants in Hong Kong. There was one sick person within the group of people. When the container is opened in Korea, they found all the people are dead. Then the story start. Simply, Flu is the Korean’s answer for Outbreak and Contagion. The film shows the crisis of the government and citizens. The tense of the deadly virus without a cure on the everyone. You must watch Flu during this pandemic situation.

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