Control and Reduce Aggression as a Way to Self-Improvement

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Aggression seem like a part of our personality, we cannot erase aggression. Because aggression is innate and helpful in competition or in the other situation. Aggression have positive benefits it also have it’s negative effects. Seem aggression are out of our control and we also cannot be obliterate. But we still have the way to control and reduce it like amend the bad habits.

First, there is the control of aggression amongst athlete. On field, most common strategy to punish the athlete who act aggressive is give an warning or let them . The purpose of doing this is for curbing violence incident happens in sport. According to the sport psychology fourth edition, Arnold LeUnes, to solve this violence in sport must be a system approach involving all interest parties: management, the media, game officials, coach and athletes. Management is highest level in sport, there are few suggestions from management to regulate aggression in sport. First, control the use of alcoholic beverages in sport events. Alcohol will affect the nervous system of human body, this will cause an status call drunk. In this status, human were difficult to control their emotion and action. The factors that cause athlete have aggressive act might be alcohol. Management also have to monitor the behaviour of athletes. Management can set punishment for athletes who have aggressive act such as command athlete cannot join the game or tell the athlete who violating rule athlete pay for the expensive fine. Through the punishment, athlete would learn from the experience and will avoid to repeat the same mistake.

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The media should not glorify the aggressiveness of athlete. Because in this era of developed media, the action of athlete were very easy be attention by others, especially the young athlete would imitate the action of aggressive athlete. Then media should not glamorizing violence to public, media should minimizes the exposure of athletes acting out aggressively during the game.

Coaches are the important factors of the course of violence in sport. Coaches have the ability to influence athlete aggression with the language. Some of the coach will instil a concept which is victory are more important than your life. This has indirectly affect aggression of athlete in game. The responsibility of coach is control aggression athlete to avoid them violating rules or acting aggressive. Coach should encourage athletes to engage in prosocial behaviour, athletes must have to respect their opponents. For example , shake hand with opponent before the game start. Coach should advise aggressive athlete go to workshop for learning self-control and control their aggression.

In individual of athlete, they have to learn about to control their own aggression, because they are the one who truly own their body not others. To reduce their aggression, athlete should develop good habit of live. On diet, they avoid take the spicy food, because spicy food would cause discomfort, irritation and even pain, it might trigger aggressive thought. Furthermore, athlete should not bring the negative emotion into the game, because negative emotion not just influence aggression of an athlete it also reduce the performance of athlete. Control own aggression not just the responsibility of athlete, it also show the quality of an athlete. This might affect your career as a sportsman .

In a nutshell, control and reduce aggression not just responsibility of athlete and coach , it assist by other parties too. Control aggression not just prevent the sport violence, it also help the game can successfully executes with fair. Aggression can be a positive or a negative thing in a athlete life, it optimally depends on how the athlete controls it.

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