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Controversial Issue of Paying College Athletes

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Should college athletes be paid? College athletes are often considered the luckiest students in the world. Some of them receive scholarships that cover the costs of their entire education. They are also in a position to make a name for themselves in sports to help to prepare them to go to the next level. Whether student-athletes should be paid has been an ongoing thing for a long time. These athletes bring in millions of dollars for their schools and receive nothing in return. Many people argue that they do receive payment, but it is just not true.

The majority of student-athletes are on scholarships, but why pay them why they already go to college for free? A federally mandated law, if conferences and faculties conceive to increase the worth of student-athlete scholarships to hide living expenses. After saying it would lose cash as a result of girls’ sports because they don’t create the maximum amount of cash as men’s sports. Another issue that’s being unmarked is that the competitive disadvantage this could cause for smaller schools. The big-time conferences, like the SEC, Big10, Big12, and Pac12 all have big-time deals with TV channels and such so that they have additional revenue returning in than the smaller conferences just like the waterproof and also the Sun Belt. With this said it wouldn’t be honest for the smaller conferences as a result of they need less revenue returning during which means that they might have less cash to pay their players. As a student-athlete it’d be easier to travel to a college that might provide you with more cash, thus additional recruits would head to larger conferences, therefore, widening the gap between huge conferences and tiny conferences.

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Even with all this said don’t you’re thinking that these athletes’ grades would drop lower? If we tend to pay these athletes they won’t care about their work, therefore, focus additional on soccer or basketball. This may be dangerous as a result since these players would be obtaining paid regardless if they go to class. this could sound terribly appealing to several athletes, assembling checks and active whereas not worrying regarding category as a result of essentially several of those athletes head to faculty to possess an opportunity within the professionals and create millions, thus by paying them currently in faculty it’d simply be giving them a vantage.

Being a student-athlete is tough where you go. With observation, games, team activities, and to not mention college schoolwork. For the foremost half, being a student-athlete particularly at a Division one level is taken into account employment supported what proportion time is endowed in it. As a student-athlete, I will relate to those issues. Since it’s employment why not pay the shoppers United Nations agency work terribly exhausting for you? Universities create millions of student-athletes every year, in 2008 Alabama was initial in total revenue created by their athletic department totaling over $123 million in tickets, donations, and media rights, and plenty of different classes. Having high revenue you may even have high expenses, as Alabama yet again was initial with over $123 million because of paying coaches, recruiting, and different things (ESPN, 2008). This proves that universities create enough cash to pay their student-athletes if they pay to show wisdom. several student-athletes have aspirations in enjoying skilled leagues, however sadly several of these players won’t have the chance to. Athletes need to play within the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and different leagues for obvious reasons, to play the game they love and to form a decent living. If student-athletes were paid it’d keep the scholars {in college|in class|at school} longer as a result of several of the athletes that leave school early for skilled drafts is attributable to cash.  


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