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I hope this letter finds you well. Recently you decided to make abortion illegal. I write this epistle not to teach you your job, but to say how with abortion being illegal you ban women from having a choice of their bodies. I loathe using the words pro-choice or pro-life because no matter what, someone loses. If you are pro-life, then you do not allow women to make decisions that not only impact their body but also their life. If you are pro-choice, some say you do not value life. Both pro-life and pro-choice claim to want the best for everyone, but in reality, neither do. When siding with pro-life or pro-choice you tend to control and force people into actions they may not want to do. With the choice, you can actually save more lives in the long run. Think about a woman, physically, because of her medical issues, she should not carry or deliver a baby. She does not have the option to abort, therefore she must continue out this pregnancy. Once she brings this baby into the world, her health will decrease drastically, that is if she survives the labor. Now, if she makes it through the delivery, soon after the baby will no longer have a mother. This leaves the child with only one parent, or to be an orphan. If this woman knew this was going to happen, she would never choose to have had her baby in the first place. Having the option would have saved her life, and would not have put this child through hell. Being in this situation is a mental burden no mother should have to go through, but should she find herself in this situation having a choice will lead to a better outcome.

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There are a few things that this law does not take into account, and one is the financial need and the other is emotional maturity and desire. To be a parent it cost a ton of money and if you do not have enough money, it will affect the lives of the parents and the child. To even think about having a kid you have to be financially stable or else his or her life would be a drastic struggle. This law does not take into account unplanned pregnancies. Although motherhood can be a wonderful thing, it is not for everyone. In addition, if the baby is unwanted it is at a higher risk to be neglected and hurt.

In an interview, Nicki Minaj stated that when she was a teenager, she discovered she was pregnant. She then goes on to say she had an abortion, “It was the hardest thing I’d ever gone through, It’s haunted me all my life. It’d be contradictory if I said I wasn’t pro-choice. I wasn’t ready. I didn’t have anything to offer a child”. She was just a teen herself how could she support her child. Three in ten teen girls will get pregnant at least once before age 20 in the United States. A human’s brain stops developing at age 25, so any teenager, no matter how mature they are should not be taking care of a child. If a girl gets pregnant as a teen and decides to keep the baby she will have to give up a lot of things such as education. She could have had a wonderful planned out life, but since she became pregnant she may have to give that all alway or at minimum put it on hold for a very long time. As a teen with a baby, you have to plan your life around your baby not living the life you wanted.

Lastly, not having a choice does not take into account rape and incest. Both teenagers and adults should not be punished because someone raped them. If you care so much about saving a life, you should put more actions in place to prevent rape, and save an individual from the trauma that comes from it instead of making this unrealistic law of abortion.

You do not take into consideration that most people do not know that they are pregnant until it is too late to get an abortion with the heartbeat law. How would you feel if someone took control of your life and told you what you can or cannot do with it? This is what your law does to the countless women that want to have an abortion but can not. Or at minimum, they want to have the right to make that choice but with your law you take that choice away. In conclusion, health risks, financial needs, unwanted pregnancy, teen pregnancy, and rape do not get taken into account when the law is pro-life. So I urge you to consider all of these situations and change your law to be pro-choice. Having the ability to chose does not override the need to educate on safe sex and prevention, yet should the unfortunate happen pro-choice allows for the right decision to be made based on the situation.

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