Cooperation with Nigeria: a Realism Approach


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The United States has always been a country that was targeted by terrorist all around the world. Our country has feared of being attacked which is explainable because of many attacks that occurred in the past. However, our borders are protected and the securities all around the country such as airports and ports are reinforced but are not sufficient enough to be our only line of defense against terrorism. Terrorists are known to be one of the most dangerous enemies that this country has ever faced. The best thing to do in these circumstances is to acquire allies that can cooperate with us and help us capture those enemies. Nigeria is one country that we can acquire to end this problem.

Since 1960, after their independence Nigeria has established relations with the United States (Nigeria, 2018). This relationship shows that they understand how important we are, and they are trying to keep that friendship with us. There are two ways that Nigeria can help us increase our power and defend the national interest of our country.

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After the election of President Muhammadu Buhari in 2015, certain promises were made to end terrorist actions caused by a group named Boko Haram (World Report 2017: Rights Trends in Nigeria, 2017). At first some changes in the military succeeded in making Boko Haram give up control of territories that they had in the northeast. However, they continue to make crimes against civilians. The United States had several terrorist attacks such as 9/11 where it was said that 15 out of the 19 pilots were citizen of Saudi Arabia which is why we need to make sure that this accident does not happen again.

As a country that has a bad history when it comes to terrorism we need to help Nigeria take care of Boko Haram as soon as possible even if it means the start of a war. If this threat keeps increasing and Boko Haram takes over the country this will become the worst-case scenario. This outcome may also incite other terrorists from around the world to follow their example or even join them. In the long run this will not only affect Nigeria but might affect us as well. By eliminating Boko Haram, we set an example for other terrorists around the world and show how powerful we are. We can aid them by sending some of our troops to fight by their side and donate weapons and materials to help them overcome the enemy. If in trouble, our country gains one more ally and this increases our military power if needed. However, getting rid of these terrorists doesn’t only assure our protection but can also benefit us in other ways.

Nigeria is considered one of the most popular country in Africa with a large economy. This country is said to become the third most popular country after China and India in the world. It has a lot of natural resources but is mostly known for his oil. Nigeria has around 23 billion reserves of oil barrels and 160 trillion cubic meters of gas reserves (Nigeria Natural Resources). The government of Nigeria knows that if Boko Haram takes control of them, they will not only lose the total control of their country, but they will also lose control of their natural resources. These natural resources may be used against us and can be used to obtain money or be traded to gain other resources such as weapons and machinery that can increase the power of our enemies. The United States can benefit from helping Nigeria with their terrorist problem by making a deal with the Nigerian government and therefore benefit from these resources and increase our economic power.

By pressuring Nigeria, we show them that they cannot keep their economic and military power in the Middle East without our aid and support. We also need to make them realize that gain such support, they must collaborate and provide full disclosure.

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