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Being a superior or higher enlisted soldier does not automatically make you a leader. The foundation of Army leadership consists of a team, a squad, or a section. Before you can become a leader of a group, you must become a leader of yourself. There are eleven chapters in the Army Doctrine Reference Publication 6-22. The Army Doctrine Reference Publication 6-22 lists three topics, Character, Presence, and Intellect. All three topics will make you a natural leader. A perfect leader in the Army has concrete intellect, presents themselves professionally, competently, maintains the character, and serves as a role model. Taking on the values and ethics listed in the Army Doctrine Reference Publication 6-22 will only set you up for successful leadership.

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Having character can mold you into becoming a great leader. I learned as a kid that having character means doing, the right thing always. Character is a trait that a person obtains naturally. You break your mom’s vase. Someone with good character will be able to voluntarily tell the truth even if it means getting in trouble. Leading a team, squad or a section with developed character can be effective and important to the future of the military. Effective leadership begins with developing and maintaining a leader’s identity. Lower enlisted soldiers are like kids. They pick up on what you do, and they follow suit. True enough, the character can be naturally developed at a young age because of parenting and mentoring. The old folks use to say, “do as I say, not as I do”, but you can’t have that mindset. You can’t transfer that advice to the military and be successful in a leadership position.

The impression a leader makes on others contributes to his success in leading them. The biggest part of being a leader is living by the examples he presents to his squad. In the military, we are expected to act and look like professionals. There are several ways to boost confidence in yourself to be more presentable. Physical fitness, military bearing, and resilience are all major attributes to maintain and uphold as a leader. A leader will be more approachable if he looks squared away. Don’t look like a “soup sandwich” and expect your squad to be excel at the uniform standards. It is not just a matter of showing up; actions, words, and the way leaders carry themselves convey presence.

If you act like you know what you’re talking about then the rest will never know that you have no clue about the subject. When a leader is giving a task, they are dependent upon to have knowledge of the task and to pass it on to the lower enlisted. It takes character and presence to be able to use your personal time to complete and pass on the task at hand. Several components are affecting an Army’s leader’s intellect. Having a sound judgment is one of those components. Consistent good judgment enables leaders to form sound opinions and make reliable estimates and sensible decisions. Often, leaders must juggle facts, questionable data, and intuitive feelings to arrive at a quality decision. Good judgment informs the best decision for the situation.     

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