Core Aspects of Team Boundary Management

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When it comes to team boundary management there are 3 things which a team should keep in mind. The first thing is how the team needs to be designed or formed. It is not an easy task. We all know about self-manage teams where everything is left to be done by team itself right from its formation to do management. But it requires high level of maturity, understanding and knowledge. You cannot form the team randomly like one team of 15 developers and other team of 30 testers. It does not work like this. There should be proper mixture and number of specialized people in one team which should be pre decided. There can be issue where there will be people on team who want to be part of one project which they like and not the other as it might be challenging for them. So you have to deal with it in a proper manner and cannot just assign them in a team in which they like or want.

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The second thing is making clear about team and their relationship. Every individual should be dedicated to one team and should be made clear about their position and task and should know about goals of his team and other team members in a better way. A person cannot work in a team where he she does not know about what the team is for. They may help other teams but eventually they should have base team to return to.

The third thing is to decide on time frame of the team. Usually team working for a long term develops a mutual understanding and so they perform much better as they are aware of and know each other about how to work together in an efficient way. They know about how to communicate and as well most important is now the bonding they have just like a family makes it easy for them to work. So even a project is short term, the same team should work for long time in one on another project for healthy relationship. The trade-offs of internal and external ties within each type of a team are that internal cohesion enhances success while external ties reduce. If members of the same team relate well, they will definitely perform well due to the good cohesion and teamwork they have. However, when external ties are strengthened, team members will lack team loyalty and with thus focus on other teams giving their team less attention.

So in any team every member is assigned some role and job to be done in a deadline. So we formed a team to organize a birthday party for one of our close friend so we have event organizer, event co-coordinator, Team leader, guest co-coordinator, finance collector, resource collector, decoration manager, Food handler etc.. And my role was of team lead as I am good in allocating and keeping track of work and have leadership quality to get the work done as well I know how to keep team motivated and together. I did follow up and making sure no one is facing problem in doing their task.

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