Core Values and Mission Vision of Tech Advance

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Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Mission and Vision
  • Core Values

Executive Summary

This research paper will develop and explain an overview of Tech Advance. This overview will go into depth within the mission and vision of Tech Advance, a SWOT analysis including an EFAS and an iFAS table outlining different topics ranging from diversity to innovation. It will also detail strategies used, core values and lessons learned throughout the simulation of Tech Advance. The findings will show that throughout the game, we applied several course concepts relating to strategy to help gain a decent advantage within the computer industry.

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Mission and Vision

The vision statement of Tech Advance is “To be the company providing technology around the world that you can count on.” This vision statement was chosen because I wanted to choose a statement that was short and to the point but full of true meaning. Being a company providing technology such as laptops and computers, people are counting reliability, excellent service, outstanding and innovative items and also a price point that is manageable for people at large. “Tech Advance number one priority is customer service. We achieve this through continually pursuing product innovation and operational excellence. Tech Advance strives to provide premier, affordable computer and technology devices.” The mission statement prior was chosen because the thought behind Tech Advance is to reach customers in many different facets, whether providing great service in their location and providing an array of different devices for each type of customer. We as a company will strive to enable people all over the world to have access to devices, whether laptop or computer that will be affordable but also have great quality.

Core Values

The core values that Tech Advance simulation intended to follow were: collaboration, teamwork, integrity, diversity and passion. Core values are an essential piece of a company, and in choosing these, I wanted Tech Advance’s core values to also follow along the core values that I hold near and dear. In the tech industry especially, these values will set the day-to-day stage for the company itself and speak to the true culture. Collaboration and teamwork will require working together, in one accord for the better good of the company. Working together in unison will create a strong front to meet the needs of the customers and help gain advantage among other likely competitors. The undertaking is not to merely just make money, but to make connections and be in a position for future growth with the consumers. Having the correct core values, one being collaboration, you can achieve market success because of value proposition. Integrity is upholding the highest standards in everything that TechAdvance will pursue. Being in the technology industry, Tech Advance will be privy to lots of confidential information, having integrity and being responsible will gain customers respect and also their trust. It is not just merely following a rigid line of rules and having the company and members there of abiding by those rules. It is a consistency of all people within, a goodness within the heart to do what is right and to stand by what is right and being personally accountable for the actions of one self that affects the integrity of the company. Diversity is having no exclusions, bringing uniqueness together with different mindsets, skills and approaches to deliver an innovative outcome. 

As Krishna stated in Indiabulls Housing Finance: Integrity Is A Core Value, champions of different teams come together, when doing so, there is a collaboration effort that achieves the common goal of the company and therefore there is camaraderie and ownership. Cultural diversity is becoming part of the growing business environment and almost a near requirement for businesses to succeed. The new platform of bringing people together, rather than secluding into different groups, is a new pivot for success. If a company can bring together the diverse span of individuals and create harmony that is pure success. Having different beliefs, values, customs and credos, can bring a distinctive difference to Tech Advance. As stated by Aristotle “Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.” As Aristotle’s quote outlines, passion is not just going to work and doing what you are merely paid to do, but doing behind the scope of your duties. Going beyond the scope of your duties is an almost impossible achievement if you love your job and have intensity, excitement and energy for it. When someone has passion at work, it is a game changer as it inspires not only the individual, but the individuals surrounding them. It can be a contagious force to be reckoned with that can only push the company into a stronger, more forceful positive position. Deciding the core values for the company was not an easy task. Nor was it taken lightly, as I truly wanted to plan these core values based around what I would put into place if this were my company in real life. I am an enthusiastic and dedicated individual who believes in the entire core values discussed: collaboration, teamwork, integrity, diversity and passion.

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