Core Values and Their Significance in Team Management

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According to Keiller (2017) emphasizes the importance of core values in a team.  As for this topic, author asserts that it is applicable to the activities of various organizations, because it is a core strength of the organization. If a team has a good value and can stick to it, the organization can attract higher level workers to work better. If a team has a good value and can stick to it, the organization can attract higher level workers to work better. As Neil Thompson(2013) mentioned, the core values of a team have an important influence on the behavior habits of its members, and it can even change the principles and beliefs of its members' behaviors. When participating in the discussion of this topic, I deeply realized how powerful the core values of an organization are, and the effectiveness and efficiency of internal communication within the organization also deserve people's attention. 

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Indeed, according to Malbašić, Rey & Potočan (2015), the organization itself has no value; it is its members who construct its internal value. It is seems reasonable, for example the association of volunteers is meaningless in itself. It is the selfless dedication of volunteers that makes the organization have infinite glory. The core value of a volunteer team is probably to know that its members can give full play to their maximum personal value without asking for anything in return. With this belief, the team can achieve long-term and better development. They form the organizational culture, giving ‘‘personality’’ to a company, but they are also the engine that drives all business priorities as well as the entrance and exodus processes for members (Natale and Sora 2003, p. 10).In addition, in terms of balance all fields of personal life. Malbašić, Rey & Potočan,( 2015 )assert that ,almost no one thinks that a successful person has achieved outstanding business performance, but no one has a family, real friends, holidays or any hobbies. But such a person cannot be considered successful despite having an privileged career. Just as balance is important in personal life, so is balance in organizational success. Regarding this point, the tool called “The Balanced Needs Scorecard” seems like the basic needs in the organization.

Core value usually take the form of principles or beliefs that guide the team members actions (Neil Thompson, 2013),as mentioned in lecture, as well as Communicating the values to stakeholders, aligning values and visions. Malbašić, Rey & Potočan(2015) point out that For true organizational success, maximizing shareholder wealth and profits is not enough. In fact, making money is just one goal companies should achieve, but in Collins and Porras's study, almost all long-term successful companies tried to average out different types of goals that are critical to their continued survival and success. These companies are known as 'visionary' organizations and another reason for their success is that they have stuck with their OV for decades. On this topic, both resources have mentioned potential basic conflicts and better solutions between shareholders' interests and core values. As a result, it is found that core values are very important in business. They can not only help the company to achieve more profits, but also help leaders to better manage the company. Furthermore, As Keiller(2017) asserts that good core values might can help the company better position the customer group, so as to more objectively obtain greater interests and can effectively improve the enthusiasm and work efficiency of employees. In general, to compare with these resources, Keiller only stressed that the company should pay attention to the core culture and emphasize its importance, but the article stressed that the balance of enterprise core values and operation methods should be emphasized ,by contrast, its argument might be more receivable.

However, It is not enough for an organization to focus solely on core values. At the same t time, paying attention to the welfare and social responsibility of employees is also an effective mechanism to maintain the long-term and better development of enterprises. On the on hand ,there is no doubt about a good CSR strategy has a great effect on every employees in the company, which boosting them morale, enhancing teamwork. CSR makes it easier to attract and to retain employees. On the other hand, reputation is also a essential point that the organization might be forced on. Living in a world where information might travel faster than the speed of light, and where everything the company does comes under intense public scrutiny .ordinary people today might be well informed ,highly educated and socially aware .If the business which gets a bad reputation, probably ,these savvy consumers will return away from the company towards it competitors. Moreover today consumers whatever potential or not who make their buying decision based on more than price and quality, consequently, if the brand is poor, it might not be able to sustain development. Overall, in today’s highly competitive environment , the company with the competitive edge is the company with the best reputation approximately.

To sum up, a good core value might lead a team make better decisions, which can also help members of an organization more clearly understand their value in the enterprise, and can influence and guide their work behavior, so that they can more accurately contribute to the company's value. However, although the core values are very important, the importance of corporate CSR cannot be ignored. It is necessary to integrate CSR more precisely into core values, so that the long-term development of enterprises might be better maintained.


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