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I am writing in response to your advertisement in Australian embassy website seeking for “Corporate Services Officer” job position. Your job posting and requirements are states that you are in search of a resourceful, hardworking, skillful and smart individual. Now I would like to bring my ability and experience to work of your company and I would like to learn more and challenge myself.

My ability to work as a team player, meet deadlines have to contributed to my success in embassy. I am familiar with all corporate operations, international relations, communication and administration. Also, my social and friendly nature allows me to interact well with other staff members at all level and I am proud on bringing the right measure of enthusiasm into the equation.

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Currently I work as an Insurance Corporate Tender manager at the Khaan Insurance, my work duties are analyzing a solution that meets the requirements of the tender that sticking to tight deadlines. I will try to define the key attainment in my academic and professional life how does it associate to this job. First of all, I would like to say a few words about my greatest procurement in my academic life. In this regard, I would say that I get used to point of my education as a compound of my study and hard work which eventually arise in my bachelor’s degree in international business study in United States. I discern my bachelor’s as remembrance of my efforts and desire to obtain essential knowledge, develop my skills and abilities, mainly in the field that I like the most. In truth, I can barely say that I was a perfect student but, nevertheless, I get used to work hard and achieve positive results in my education.

At the same time, I should to confess that I did not really like disciplines that are not directly linked to my future job, but it did not intercept me from being successful sufficient to get my bachelors which, as I presume, should be the basis of my further professional development and help in my future career. This is particularly important for my professional life which I associate my second greatest achievement with. In fact, my career is not really long but I really like the progress I have already done it since the beginning of my professional career of work. To set it more quite the progress that have building is really encouraging me to remain to work hard and work smart. In sequence to better describe the importance of my late achievements in my career I should set up with its dawn.

At first, I started my career as an Insurance account manager that was probably not the job I really anticipated to do, but nevertheless, I appreciated it, although I understand that I need to do some more remarkable job. This is why I seek to do my job great and keep growing as a person continuously looking for real ideas and new innovations in the place I was working in. Obvious that the lead of an Insurance company I working at have perceived my efforts and promoted me to the tender manager position. The job is responsible. I believe that it is not just remembrance of my work for I have become the tender manager only after few months since the beginning of my career. In fact, I believe that the management of the company believed me and anticipated some good outcomes that motivated me to get better and focus on the growth of my professional skills and abilities which can help me reach possibly better results in my work. However, for the time being, my promotion to the tender manager is my most important achievement in my professional life.

So I believe that I can bring the good experiences I have to the Australian embassy of Mongolia. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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