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Corporate Social Responsibility In Bangladesh: Literature Review

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There is a major and growing interest within the legal academy in exploring new ways that to manage companies and, particularly, an interest in a very shift from regulation to governance. So, Corporate Responsibility has been gaining area within the public policy sphere each day. It’s been more and more changing into part of the business follow and has usually been thought about as a practical response to client and civil society pressures (Bhattacharya, D. , 2003). In response to the necessity for the law to evolve to mirror changes in society and growing complexities, governments have experimented with new approaches to regulation that come back nearer to self-regulation. though critics read self-regulation as merely advancing a policy of deregulating (Sinclair, 1997), associate degree increasing variety of legal students reject a alternative between self-regulation and command-and-control and advocate a legal regime supported governance. Hackston and Milne (1996) used six categories: environment, energy, human assets, product and safety, network involvement and alternative. A way ordinarily employed in social responsibility analysis to live the importance of content is count the amount of words accustomed describe a specific issue.

The role of commercial enterprise worldwide and specifically within the developed economic science has evolved over the previous couple of decades from classical ‘profit maximizing’ approach to social responsibility approach, wherever commercial enterprise don’t seem to be solely accountable to its stockholders however conjointly to any or all of its stakeholders during a border inclusive sense. Thanks to world aggressiveness and demand, the CSR observe and standards area unit being enforced in Bangladesh (Allimullah, 2006). Wartick and Cochran (1985) pictured the evolution of the CSR performance model by specializing in 3 challenges to the construct of corporate social responsibility: economic duty, public duty and social responsiveness. It is one in every of the interest in our study to spot whether or not corporate social responsibility disclosures created within the Bangladesh banking sector concentrate on economic duty, public duty and social responsiveness. More analysis of an analogous nature could be ready to realize wherever Bangladesh lies in terms of Cochran’s evolutionary process model. Dusuki and Dar (2005) identifies many driving forces behind the growing trend towards CSR initiatives like growing market pressure on social and moral problems, regularity pressure, accrued power of communication etc.

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This can be true that banks are paying additional to their CSR activities however not such a lot as their earning increase. Common CSR practices in People’s Republic of Bangladesh by completely different Organization are focused on primarily economic condition alleviation, healthcare, education, charity activates, cultural enrichment, youth development, women authorization, condescending sports and music etc. (Alam et al. 2010)Wise and Ali (2009) in an exceedingly paper entitled Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility in People’s Republic of Bangladesh with special relation to industrial banks noticed that CSR is related to corporate governance and moral business procedure. Sensible corporate governance is anticipated to below pin effective and economical CSR at intervals companies. Wise and Ali (2009) known that CSR continues to be evolving an idea that allows company executives to make and apply self-determined policies to best meet the requirements and demands of its stakeholder. Sharma (2011) mentioned in a study named CSR Practices and CSR Reporting that in Indian banking sector mention CSR acknowledges an organization’s commitment to control in an exceedingly socially accountable manner. However CSR activities of developing nations don’t seem to be therefore rosy. Notably in monetarysector there’s associate absence of demanding provisions concerning compliances and reportage CSR. Masud and Hossain (2012) conduct a survey among ten industrial banks and located that one hundred banks reported their CSR activities however sixtieth banks participated in order CSR space in line with monetary act. Azim et al. (2011) in a very study named “Corporate Social Disclosure in Bangladesh: A Study of the financial Sector”, CSR isn’t the sole moral perplexity that money establishments face in an environment of corrupt corporate apply. These establishments also are involved with commitment for property development. A well-functioning finance sector in any country will contribute on to a healthy economy. This sector plays a very important role during a country’s financial improvement. As for banking industry, the relation between CSR and monetary performance has not been examined extensively, and also the few existing studies provide conflicting proof.

For instance, Chih et al. (2010) investigate a complete of 520 monetary companies in thirty four countries over 2003-2005, and conclude that CSR and monetary performance don’t seem to be connected. In distinction, Wu and Shen (2013) analyze 162 banks in twenty two countries over 2003-2009, and report that CSR is completely related to monetary performance in terms of come back on assets, come back on equity, internet interest financial gain, and non-interest financial gain. Variations within the results may be associated with measuring problems, variations in sample in addition as sample amount. Viganò & Nicolai (2006) mentioned that the banking sector has been quite slow in considering the results of the problem of property, despite of the very fact of their exposure to risk having an intermediate role within the economy. Touching on the relevant literature from 1990 to 2000, banks began addressing the problem of property by considering foremost surroundings and so social problems and making an attempt to include them by established policies for the environment and society. it’s potential to acknowledge that the majority studies specialize in ‘banking and also the environment’ or ‘environmental risk’ and consequently, in terms of banks’ activities, ‘environmental risk assessment’, ‘risk management’, ‘product developments to form the disapproval Image’ (special funds), ‘new markets’, ‘communication and organization’. Visser, mittens & Tolhurst (2007, p122) expressed that the construct of CSR refers to the final belief command by growing numbers of voters that trendy businesses have responsibilities to society that reach on the far side their obligations to the stockholders or investors within the firm.

The requirement to investors, of course, is to come up with profits for the house owners and maximize semi permanent wealth of shareholders. Alternative social stakeholders that business would even have some responsibility embrace shoppers, employees, the community at giant, government, and therefore the natural setting. The CSR construct applies to all or any size organizations. a lot of clearly it’s aforesaid that CSR normally terms is outlined because the obligation of the firm to use its resources in ways that to learn society, through committed participation as a member of the community, taking under consideration the society at giant and up the welfare of society at giant freelance of direct gains of the firm. CSR creates a structure within the minds of the target customers. It not solely caters to the complete Equity awareness among the customers however additionally ends up in a positive complete image within the minds of the potential customers. Survival of the firm depends upon however accountable firm is towards society. A lot of involved a firm is, it’s easier for it to make the positive complete image within the minds of the patron that ends up in operating towards building complete equity (Maneet, Sudhir, 2011).

The link between complete image and CSR is strongest for familiarity, not for favorability. That is, if the firm is well-known in its community, its CSR activities can strengthen its complete image over they might if the firm were less well-known (Maneet, Sudhir, 2011). Mohin (2012) finds out the highest 10 trends in CSR for 2012 like going global – the relentless march toward economic process can still stretch the scope of company responsibility, the triumph (or tyranny) of transparency – the pressure for ever increasing levels of transparency and speech act can build, worker engagement emerges- the affiliation between CSR and engaged workers continues to grow, political pitfalls-CSR leaders ought to select what they promote sagely and set clear boundaries to avoid turning into political footballs, collaboratition-companies can each contend and collaborate on CSR problems, human rights-companies are awakening to human rights problems across their worth chains, earth at seven billion and growing-as over seven billion individuals contend for the Earth’s resources, the necessity to be a lot of economical can still increase etc.


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