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Cosmetic Trends In The Beauty Industry 

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The cosmetic industry where it is standing now is the product of scientific research, highly innovative ideas and development. From investigating the consumer behavior to beauty aspirations, the skin biology, teeth, hair and cavity all are affected positively with innovative technologies and sustainable methods.Collectively these all aspects of innovation lead to the production of such products that are safe for humans, healthy for the environment and also help in the reproduction of new products to lessen the environmental waste burden. In makeup and cosmetic industry, as trends are changing so does the business of wholesalers. Initially wholesale natural makeup distributors were more common among other wholesalers, but due to more and more development, new products like mineral makeup, vegan and organic makeup has gained entry, the wholesale of mineral makeup and wholesale of organic makeup has also occupied the supplier’s line.

The beauty care products are either made of natural or chemical products to enhance skin beauty, skin health, odor and appearance of the human body. In this modern era, people are more concerned about self-beauty, personality and self consciousness. Thus the demand for more innovative cosmetics is increasing rapidly. The purpose of cosmetics is not to alter the body functions, but to improve appearance, attractiveness, beauty, cleansing and odor.Consumers pick up, cosmetics after looking up for many factors that can be helpful for them to fulfil the purpose of buying that specific cosmetic product.Some of those factors are given below:

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  1. Safe: The first and most important factor that consumers look up for, is the safety of the product. Most of the cosmetics and beauty products carry harmful chemicals and damaging toxins which, if once are absorbed by the skin, become difficult to remove. These chemicals can cause, irritation, clogged pores, premature aging, damaged cells, and rashes. But some beauty products contain antioxidants, essential oils and vitamins that makes skin healthy and beautiful in the long run. For example the company 100% PURE wholesale natural mineral makeup and is also a wholesale organic makeup supplier.
  2. Healthy: Health is the top most priority of consumers along with safety, so that their skin enjoys the beauty and breathe happily without the load of heavy chemicals or toxins that can produce ingrown skin issues. Such health products are supplied by many skin care companies like, Fresh Singapore provides its customers the products made with fresh and natural ingredients that leaves a healthy impact upon the skin.
  3. Convenient: Cosmetics and makeup tools become more attractive for the consumers when they are also convenient to use, for example, makeup brushes, mirrors that can be used for applying makeup easily anywhere and much more.
  4. Practical: The convenience and practical, useable cosmetic tools and products, is a must thing. For example the new high tech innovative LED cosmetic mirrors are introduced in the market based on these practical and convenient aspects. So that consumers can use them anywhere, even where there is low natural or electric light.
  5. User friendly: Consumers love to use such products that are user friendly, means that are suitable and fits the need of the consumer. Products must be like what the label describes and must not be something which is not under the knowledge of the consumer. For example, those who are providing wholesale vegan makeup and vegan makeup brushes wholesale, like those from famous Luscious Cosmetics are 100%vegan, and these products are user friendly as it contains all what the label describes and are really suitable for vegans.
  6. Environment friendly: Makeup and cosmetics are now shifting more towards environment friendly structures, as more and more people are getting aware of the environment changes, the harmful effects which human society is imposing and enormously dangerous effects of the chemicals which are used in industry either in cosmetics or of other things upon the natural ecosystem. So if a company is selling environment friendly products, it will definitely catch an eye of the consumers and customers. For example, famous brands Dior and Garnier has shifted some of its products and packaging towards more environment friendly and are recycle able.
  7. Professional: Another attractive feature for cosmetic lovers is its professionalism. Many people belong to professional fields and life, where they feel the need of something decent and apply able. Such cosmetics with decent shades, and are perfect for the people belonging to any professional field are of great interest such as MAC cosmetics target people of all ages, both genders and all professional fields.
  8. Effective: Makeup products are meant to be effective, like these are such things which are only used because of their effectiveness and become useless without this basic feature. So best cosmetics and skin care products are only those which are effective in giving what their label states, otherwise consumers will never purchase them and the company will shut down.
  9. Novel and Unique: Cosmetics that provide something unique and novel are a good eye catch for customers. Products from Wass to Beauty Value and from Loreal, are all novel and unique, which also shares its values, ethnicity and uniqueness with its buyers. They share something deep on the basis of which their journey begun and that’s what, can be felt in their each and every product which became the reason for the high consumer line.
  10. High-end: People only like to pay for authentic products. They are willing to buy high-end products if they genuine, authentic and do what the details states. High end products are only attractive if they are of high quality, durable and does not only sells its name. To earn the trust of the consumer is the foremost thing, without which no brand or wholesale company can survive in the market for long. Following upon the above mentioned features, any cosmetic wholesale company can thrive easily. The cosmetic industry has been continuously passed through the phases of high tech changes just because of consumer demands and needs, and the wholesalers, retailers have to look up for these market demands before purchasing makeup and selling them individualy to the customers.

Most commonly, the cosmetics which are produced from plant sources come under this category.Natural makeup is rich in natural vitamins, minerals, natural enzymes, odor, fragrances and many such ingredients all coming from plant sources. The plants which are meant to be used for makeup production are grown under organic environment without the use of pesticides or fungicides to help the plants attain their natural mineral and vitamin ratio along with full natural growth and enrichment. The rich concentration of antioxidants are also present. All these natural ingredients help the skin to get natural, healthy beauty without leaving any harmful side effects in the long run.

Ingredients:The most common ingredients used in natural cosmetics are as follows:

  1. Sea buckthorn; it is rich in Vit C, Vit E and omega 3 fatty acids which help in collagen production, thus making skin look firmer and also well known for its anti inflammatory properties.
  2. Rose oil; it is well known for attaining skin moisture and contains Vit E to help soothe the skin inflammation.
  3. Black Tea; it can help to reduce puffiness as it contains caffeine. It also makes skin looks radiant and smoother.
  4. Tea tree oil; it is antiseptic in nature and helps get rid of rashes, foot minor bacterial infections and much more.
  5. Soy; it is a natural anti aging weapon, boosting collagen production and reducing pigmentation.
  6. Honey; It has been known for centuries owing to its beauty enhancing properties, it is an antioxidant, antibacterial and skin moisturizer to help skin look younger, softer and firmer.
  7. Lavender; It is famous for its aromatherapic properties and also help in healthy skin cell circulation.
  8. Aloe Vera; Aloe Vera is well known for centuries owing to its antibacterial, anti aging and mositurising properties
  9. Oats; it helps against sunburns and protects skin against inflammation.
  10. Calenduala; it is famous for anti-bacterial qualities and help in getting healthy glowing skin.


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