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Cosmetics Consumption Behavior of Males and Females

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In Australia, a cosmetic is characterized under the Industrial Chemical Act 1989 as a substance made to have a contact with the various external part of the human body which involves the mouth and teeth. People utilize beautifying agents to purify and change the presence of their bodies and even to adjust its scent. However, items that claim to prevent, fix or lighten any illness and sickness are classified therapeutics. According to Jones and Selinger (2017), in the said country, cosmetics, as well as the materials used to produce them, are managed by a several government agencies. The ingredients can either be natural or artificial, yet any potential effect on one’s wellbeing depends basically on the compounds they are made of. The key ingredients included in usual beauty products are water, emulsifiers, additives, thickeners, creams, shades and scents.

To various individuals, cosmetics implies a wide range of things. As to deliver the reasons why women use cosmetic products, Kim (2017) conducted an interview and posted an article about this subject. The results showed that for some, beauty products give them a chance to convey their thoughts and express their feelings. Catechi, one of the respondents, said that cosmetic products help her to settle on intense decisions that she normally would not make which allows her to grow as person and in general encourages her to express her uniqueness. Wearing brilliant lipsticks and distinctive eyeshadow are simply different way for individuals to demonstrate their identities similarly how clothing or shading one’s hair does. Cosmetics can likewise be a side interest that individuals use as a way to unwind as it gives them enjoyment. For instance, another participant named Auerweck stated that, in the same way some people read book because this give them pleasure, she enjoys and likes to wear make-up that’s why she does it all the time. Another article written by Barclay (2017) also focuses on the reasons behind the fondness of women in wearing make-ups. According to her, each and every individual could have an alternate motivation behind why they wear cosmetics, however there are few common ones. One reason that has been utilized for quite a while is to inspire other individuals, however this reason isn’t as known as it used to be. An increasing number of individuals are learning to be satisfied with their uncovered faces and have no issue going out without putting on cosmetic products. A lot of individuals wear cosmetics as a form of expression. Cosmetics is a sort of art. The looks that individuals make with cosmetics are incredible and seeing those looks urges other individuals to create their own. Cosmetics can depict a man’s mind-set, culture, identity and even their thoughts. Cosmetics can express all aspects of an individual, much the same as a craftsman’s masterpiece can express his or herself. The main contrast is that it’s done through their faces, not a canvas.

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Although make-up undeniably influences one to look great, the positive advantages of utilizing such items can also inflict significant damage on wellbeing. As indicated by studies, an average woman uses 12 beauty care items on daily basis which contains 168 different chemicals. An ongoing report has revealed that the skin may take up to 60 percent of substances it interacts with. Another investigation, by the Northwestern University School of Medicine in Evanston, Illinois, has additionally uncovered that complaints against cosmetic products dramatically increased from 2015 to 2016. In response to this issue, Dr. Goldenberg prescribes utilizing brands suggested by dermatologist and searching for items which uses minimal number of ingredients such as those who do not include unnecessary substances.

A lot of studies related to cosmetic products have been made in various countries. Most of these studies include other variables and factors which are believed to have a relationship with cosmetic products. For instance, a research conducted by Kambiz Haidarzadeh Hanzaee and Leila Andervazh (2012) entitled “The influence of brand loyalty on cosmetics purchase intention of Iranian female consumers” showed that there is positive and significant relationship between factors of brand loyalty such as product title, item condition, amount, layout, advertising, service excellence and store environment with cosmetics purchase intention. On the same year, a study named “Packaging value of cosmetics products: An insight from the view point of consumers” by Mert Topoyan and Zeki Atil Bulut (2012) stated that consumers expect more sophisticated packages from popular brands. Consumers are willing to spend more on better packages since a great packaging designs positively influence their satisfaction.

A research entitled “Brief Report: The Effects of Women’s Cosmetics on Men’s Approach: An Evaluation in a Bar” by Nicolas Gueguen (2008) found that cosmetics do improve female facial attractiveness when judgments were made based on photographs. Perhaps the present study also states that makeup affected men’s behavior because beautification has enhanced the facial symmetry and the skin texture of the women confederates. Furthermore, Nicholas suggests that women can effectively utilize cosmetics to boost their appeal and to encourage men to start a contact with them. Associated with this claim, Nicolas Gueguen and Celine Jacob (2011) stated in the paper labeled as “Enhanced female attractiveness with use of cosmetics and male tipping behavior in restaurants” that the cosmetics situations were related with a significant raise in the tipping manner of male customers. It was discovered as well that the effect of makeup on tipping behavior was provoked by the perception of the physical appeal of the waitress, but only when male customers are taken into consideration. Thus, the study has found that cosmetics improve female facial charisma.

In the study “A sex difference in facial contrast and its exaggeration by cosmetics” conducted by Richard Russel (2010), revealed that usual application of cosmetics was found to improve the contrast between the rest of the face, particularly to the eyes and lips. Precisely the adjustments can give the face an impression of being more feminine. It is very unlikely that this would happen by chance. Areas of the face could be lightened or darkened in various spatial outline, but only this certain pattern is associated to how male and female faces vary. In addition, there is an approach to the spatial pattern of which intensifying the contrast makes the face look more feminine, but reducing it makes the appearance more masculine. According to the Country Report – Beauty and Personal Care in India, beauty and personal care witnessed the trend of products becoming increasingly gender-specific during 2011. This was driven by the desire to meet the needs of urban men, who were becoming increasingly appearance conscious and looked for male-specific products.

A research paper labeled as the “Study of consumption pattern of cosmetic products among young males in Delhi” written by Abdhullah Bin Junaid and Dr. Reshma Nasreen (2008) concluded that the purpose of utilizing a skin care product is not influenced by age group, the same way cosmetic consumers’ income does not play any role in choosing a brand. Accordingly, the results of the study named “Cosmetics consumption among young males in the Greater Helsinki Region” by Xin Gou (2011) indicated that young men’s cosmetics purchasing manner is strongly affected by cultural and personal factors. The main determining factor in purchasing manner is for sanitation purpose, quality and scent of the product, and value-excellence relationship.

A research made by Chanintorn Moungkhem and Jiraporn Surakiatpinya (2011) labeled as “A study of factors affecting on men’s skin care products purchasing, particularly in Karlstad, Sweden” revealed that the main reasons behind men’s using skin care products are for improving skin, personal care, attractiveness and self-confident orderly. As a result, men’s skin care products purchases are affected by the interaction between their personal demographics and attitude, in contrast with men who do not use skin care products, there are two major reasons behind. Firstly, products are not essential in their perspective and secondly, this kind of items are luxurious and extravagant. As mentioned by Pauliina Tiainin (2010) in his research work, men’s attitudes were quite positive towards the use of cosmetics, especially among young men, they found it useful. However, they were still mainly interested in easy-to-use products for anti-perspiration, shaving and basic cleaning because the general belief was that if no problems with the skin existed, there was no need for more specific skin care products. This mainly explains the non-usage.


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