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Cosmetology and a Career as a Cosmetologist: Pros and Cons

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Cosmetology is the study of beauty. There are many different branches of Cosmetology which can include; hair, skin care, cosmetics, manicures/pedicures, and so much more. The main thing people think of when it comes to being a cosmetologist is someone who cuts, dyes, and styles your hair. They also give facials, wax body and facial hair, give complete makeovers, care for your nails and toe nails, and polish them.

When it comes to education and training for cosmetology each state is different. You are almost always required to have a high school diploma to enroll in a cosmetology program. Some states require you to be a licensed cosmetologist but not all. In other states cosmetology programs can even be offered at the high school. Around here most cosmetology students attend the Iowa School of beauty for up to two years.

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The mean annual wage for a cosmetologist in 2015 was $27,940. Salary usually depends on the person in this industry. Some factors that determines a cosmetologist’s salary would include rather they are full time or part time, experience, tips, income from selling cosmetics, and popularity. Another big factor is what branch of cosmetology they are working in. Some people choose to focus on one thing such as hair or makeup, and others do it all bringing in more income. The job outlook is at 10% which is faster than average, but would also depend on location. A lot of the time in Centerville I hear that being a cosmetologist can be a struggle because of all the salon shops and different options around here and it can be competitive.

Some advantages of this career include personal interaction. You get to meet and associate with different people every single day. I know that every time I get my hair done I end up having some crazy conversations with my hair dresser. Another big advantage is that you can very easily become self-employed. Once you have the money and experience you can open up your own salon and work for yourself being able to work around your own schedule when scheduling appointments. Also, there is always a demand for hair dressers. Everyone needs a hair trim and boys need a haircut every couple of months. A lot of cosmologist will tell you that the best part about their job is making people feel better about themselves. Cosmetology is all about beauty, and making someone else see the beauty in themselves can be very rewarding.

However, there are some disadvantages. Cosmetology can be very physically demanding. You have to spend a lot of time on your feet. Standing on your feet all day can lead to feet, leg, and lower back pain. They also work around harmful chemicals all day. Another disadvantage is the salary. Not everyone makes big bucks in cosmetology, it is based on as many clients as you can pull in and your salary may vary each year. Some people also don’t like the competitiveness that comes with being a hair dresser. Licensing can also be a problem if you plan to travel. The hours of training needed to become a cosmetologist varies from state to state, so if you move you may have to go back to training even if you’ve been in the field already.

After writing this paper and seeing all the advantages and disadvantages I think I would still want to be a cosmetologist. The way I look at it, I would rather get paid less doing something I love then going to work hating my job every day. I think I would love working in this field and it would be a fun experience for me.


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