Couples Living Together before Marriage

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According to the U.S Census, nearly half of all marriages end in divorce. The center for disease control and prevention (CDC) say that a woman’s first marriage will even get to 10 years is 64% for males it is 66% divorce rates are increasing more to the couples that cohabitate before marriage according to Denver in 2009 19% of couples who lived together before marriage had completely divorce and only 12% of couples who lived together after marriage divorced. The topics I will be covering in today’s essay are the problems with cohabitation, which studies say is a solution to successful marriages.

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The problem with cohabitation is it can make most marriages more unhappy and more negative in marriages…many couples think that them moving in together will make things better before they even have the conversation of committing to the future not everyone who cohabitation will be unhappy or even divorce the risk is just higher for those who do without actually having a plan on marrying that specific person this also increases the chances of the couples having an unplanned child together which eventually puts both of them at risk another reason cohabitation is a problem because people waste two or three years with someone they probably have already broken up with and them decide after 1-year move on and in with their new significant other “the central advice Kuperberg” suggest that people who are young but move in together increases the odds of making a poor choice in their partner which eventually leads to divorce. My second point is what studies say is a solution to successful marriage number one giving without thinking you should get anything in return it should apply to forgiveness, compliments, respect and romance another thing would have to be communication because without communication there is nothing and we all know that communication is how we live in the world today whether it be with discussing why something or someone made us happy, mad, sad, etc so of course, in a relationship communication is key. But the decision that most people make isn’t always a con there can be good things that come out of it and some smart ideas while going in it…if you move in with a significant other it can help financially wise, it is also preparing you for what life will look like once you finally say “I do”, you learn a person on a deeper level than what it would be like if you guys didn’t live together. You have to ask yourself are ready to make changes to this decision and if it goes bad are you ready for the consequences.


In conclusion you really have to see if you are ready with everything that comes with that decision and it shouldn’t be taken lightly also moving in together and saying “I do” are probably the biggest decision you guys will make as a couple in today’s essay I talked about the problem with cohabiting also ways to be successful in a marriage while also going over ways that moving in together may be a good idea but only if both partners are ready for it.

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