Covid 19 Effect on Education and Australian Education System

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  • Westren Australian Education System During COVID 19
  • Investigations into Educational Policy and Practices During COVID 19
  • COVID-19 Transmission in Schools
  • Resources for Teachers and School Leaders During COVID 19
  • Wellbeing Hub for Students
    Staff Wellbeing
    Made a Digital Technologies Hub
    Science by Doing a Program
    Smart Copy Website
    Encouraging Partnerships Program

The Australian education system has greatly distinguished from many other countries by the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF). In 1995 the Australian Qualification Framework system was recognized and maybe a national policy that covers qualifications from the tertiary education sector (higher education and vocational training and training) additionally to the school-leaving certificate; the Senior Secondary Certificate of Training.

The Australian qualification framework has ten levels and links school, vocational, and university education qualifications into one national system. This enables you to maneuver easily from one level of study to subsequent, and from one institution to a different, as long as you satisfy student visa requirements. It allows for choice and adaptability in career planning. All qualifications within the AQF help prepare you for both further study and your working life.

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If you’re studying an Australian education framework qualification, you’ll make certain that your institution is Government-authorized and nationally accredited, which your degree or other AQF qualification are going to be genuine. Our institutions are linked across the country and across the whole world which makes it very easy to maneuver throughout the education system between courses or institutions, and formal agreement and recognition frameworks mean every step of the trail will contribute to your future regardless of what your study or career goals.

Westren Australian Education System During COVID 19

There are many kinds of changes are come during COVID 19. Covid-19 has shown a crisis in Australian HE governance. Different sectors like airlines, gambling, and tourism industries are in financial crisis and are posing for or have already received government bailouts. One sector that’s also in crisis but has not received much support within the UK, the US or Australia is that the education sector.

One reason for that in Australia is that the regulatory governance of the world is facing a systemic crisis. The political and economic conditions that sustained the governance of the world from its reform within the 1980s are challenged by the present impact of the corona-virus pandemic.

Higher education is pivotal for the economy and has been estimated to contribute quite $66 billion there. Yet, the present crisis has exposed the underlying vulnerabilities of the regulatory governance of the world.

Investigations into Educational Policy and Practices During COVID 19

Here we want to find out more about the Expert Review Group (ERG), a little but authoritative team of bureaucrats in Western Australia’s Department of Education whose role is to examine the standard and standards of pre-K to year 12 government schools. Critical education policy analysis is employed. Furthure, more iterative identifications were advanced through historical and contemporary document analysis of legislature, policy documents, department reports, educational journal articles, media reports, and social media information. This study makes transparent why the ERG was created and the way it functions today. ERG school assessments are of proportional, risk-based type, targeting only those schools operating extremely below or above the official measurements. Very limited public analysis of the ERG had been undertaken before this study; thus, the info explored here are original and new the general public record. The ERG’s work and impact have expanded over its first year of operation. But still, no publicly available evidence that pulls a link between ERG inspections and subsequent improvement in class performance for any ERG-inspected school.

COVID-19 Transmission in Schools

On 24 April 2020, the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC) released health advice about reducing the potential risk of COVID-19 transmission in schools. This practical guidance and advice have been prepared for college leaders engaging with children, parents, teachers, and support staff to scale back even further the relatively low risk of Coronavirus transmission in schools during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Resources for Teachers and School Leaders During COVID 19

The Australian Government is constant to figure with states and territories and non-government education authorities to support teachers, school leaders, and faculty communities to still provide top quality education during the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes supporting teachers, and fogeys to figure together to make sure children continue their education throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Wellbeing Hub for Students

The Student Wellbeing Hub works with experts, academics, teachers and leaders, professional associations, and industry providers to support the education community in Australia. The Hub features a list of resources for educators, parents, and students to support learning communities during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond. A new, free, principal, and teacher wellbeing professional learning module is additionally available on the Hub. This introductory course aims to assist principals and teachers consider their wellbeing practices to be even simpler in supporting the wellbeing and learning of their students.

Staff Wellbeing

The BeYou initiative, delivered by Beyond Blue in partnership with initial stages Australia and headspace, has developed a guide for teachers and faculty leaders to seem after students’ and their psychological state during COVID-19.

Made a Digital Technologies Hub

The Digital Technologies Hub has suggestions of great lesson ideas linked to the curriculum, also as strategies and advice from Australian primary and secondary schools. The Hub includes advice for teachers on fixing learning reception, and a “Learning at Home” section containing resources for families.

Science by Doing a Program

The Science by Doing program is working for years 7 – 10 features a teacher’s guide for designing online distance learning with ‘Science by Doing’ resources.

Smart Copy Website

The National Copyright Unit and Australian Publishers Association and therefore the Australian Society of Authors have also agreed to beat copyright issues and permit teachers to supply storytime to their students in an online/remote learning setting during this point. More information is out there on the Smart copying website.

Encouraging Partnerships Program

The Encouraging Partnerships program provides a variety of resources, including workshops, webinars, and online modules, to help with remote and online learning for school-age children on the autism spectrum.  

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