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Cows: Milk, Meat and Our Friends

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Have you ever been abandoned when you were just hours old? Have you ever come into the world unwanted and not understood from the person that gave you life. Then left defenseless to survive the cold night alone and unloved. I don’t and I hope to never know that feeling. But someone does, my child you could say. Her name is Sophie, a black Angus, a calf, my best friend.

It was in the middle of December, and it was so cold outside. I had just gotten home from school, and I was getting ready to go out with my mother to check the cattle. We do this every day after school. No matter what the weather is like. I enjoy it even though girls my age would think I’m crazy. It’s apart of my life because I live on an 82-acre beef cattle farm, with over 50 head of cattle. If you don’t check the herd every day you could miss something important. Then the production of your herd could go down. Or even worse your cattle could die. That would hurt your bottom line for the year. That’s what could have happened if we had not gone out that day. Sophie could have died that cold blistery night.

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We found her in a thorn bush right next to a cold creek, all by herself nowhere in sight of the rest of the herd. She was still wet and it was getting colder as the sun had started to set. Her mother had just left her there. I often think of why she left her. She was the most beautiful thing I have seen. Even just hours old, it felt like I had a connection with her. As I made my way to help her out of the thorn bush. She did not run away from me, or make any noise of distress. She knew we were they to help her. When I had freed her from the entangled prison that she was in, I wrapped her into a warm blanket; to help dry her off from where her mother did not. I took her back to the house and put her in the barn so she would stay warm. While my mother went into the house to fix her a bottle of warm milk. From that night on she stayed in that barn with everything she could ask for. I would go out there every day and gave her the love and attention that she deserved form a mother. On warm days we would go out into the field and go for walks. She was my spoiled little princess.

She helped me in more ways than I could ever help her. She showed me something I could never learn from a book. She showed me love. Love for things that I never knew I had before. She helped me realize what I wanted to do with my life. To help other animals like her, like she helped me. I want to become a veterinarian, so I can help animals in need. I want to use the skills and knowledge that I have gained caring for large animals. I also want to attend college to improve upon these skills and to learn new ones. I want to always feel that feeling of accomplishment in helping animals like a happy healthy life. I want to make my life count for something greater than just me. Caring for animals is a passion that I feel is a calling for me.


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