CPR and Adrenaline Use During Cardiac Arrest

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Cardiac arrest is a commonly known serious health condition particularly in the western world as the heart ceases to beat causing various complications; such as sudden cardiac death (Pruthi, 2018). Cardiac arrest is a serious health issue that causes abruption in the heart function, resulting to consciousness and shortness of breath. The term ‘arrest’ in the medical field meaning to bring something to a halt or stop, in relation to sudden cardiac arrest the heart ceases to beat and cause an abrupt loss of the heart carrying out its function and in severe cases may cause death (Sullivan, 2016). Furthermore, disturbances occur as electrical impulses that are wired, trigger the heart resulting to failure of the heart to pump effectively, preventing the flow of blood throughout the body. Heart attacks differ from cardiac arrests although they are often mistakenly used to describe cardiac arrest (Vedro, Kulick, & Stoppler, 2019). Moreover, a heart attack most likely prone to potentially cause cardiac arrest, both terms however have different meanings. While heart attacks occur as a result of a blockage from one of the coronary arteries that hinders the blood flow to the heart (Garbutt, 2019). On the other hand, a heart attack or also known as heart failure can also be referred to as myocardial infraction, is the sudden death of a heart muscle tissue as it is deprived of blood supply that flows throughout the human body. Heart attacks can be quite severe if serious health care prevention is not taken. They can also be referred to as a ‘circulation’ failure. Furthermore, there have been several cases involving heart attacks in adults that result to cardiac arrest. This is due because an individual’s heart may develop an unusual heart beat rhythm which could result to the outcome of cardiac arrest (Woods, 2016). Despite both terms often being mistaken, individuals are unaware of how both emergency scenarios should be treated differently in comparison to the other (McLoughlin, 2017).

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Studies have shown the main treatment for cardiac arrest or any heart complications is cardiopulmonary resuscitation also classified as ‘CPR’ (Vaidya, 2019). CPR is combined by performing both chest compressions; where an individual present at the scene must squeeze the heart by pressing effectively on the outside of the chest. Alongside chest compressions, rescue breathing is also an essential requirement in performing CPR to any patient in need (Smith & Pitcher, 2015). Performing CPR effectively prevents vital organ damage as well as increasing the chances of survival. Medically proven lifesaving procedure, by performing effective CPR; you substitute for the role of the of the heart, blood and oxygen supply as well as pumping sufficient oxygen to the body. However, CPR on its own is not guaranteed to pump the heart function back to its normal state. Its main purpose is to extend tissue death by partially restoring the oxygenated blood flow back to heart and brain (Atkins, et al., 2015).


A defibrillator is another medically proven equipment used in resuscitating an individual that is under cardiac arrest. Defibrillators are effectively safe alongside simple and efficient for use as it acts as a shocker in bringing back the heart to its normal rhythmic beat. Defibrillators are installed publicly as an individual could potentially fall into cardiac arrest, and if a defibrillator is present according to a study; issued by The Journal of the American Heart Association states that “even a sixth grader could save a life” (Davis, 2019).

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