Crazy Rich Asians as an Example of Cultural Diversity in Film

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What is the key to an all-around immense movie? All movies are immense in their own way, but some movies go beyond immense. Through its well-played dramatics, Characters craziness, and cultural diversity the producers of Crazy Rich Asians create a well-rounded movie that has all the aspects of a spectacular movie. Known for the charming twist and many other factors allows this to be known as an immense movie.

When the word drama arises, what typically comes to mind is finding out all, the details and gossip of the juicy topic. Crazy Rich Asians do a fantastic job at keeping the viewers watching with all the dramatized scenes they produced during this film. This film continues to take leaps in the direction of drama by having the girlfriend Rachel Chu run into various ridiculous events throughout the movie. The story line alone keeps you engaged, imagine dating a guy or a girl for a long time and thinking everything you have is average and ordinary only to meet the significant other parents and find out that they are extremely wealthy and that your significant other happens to be one of the country’s number one bachelors around. Not only do the producers add the drama, but they take the drama to the next level and make everything in this movie over the top dramatic and bold to help entice the dramatic feelings.

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Further adding excitement to the film, what a better way to do that than adding some enthusiasm and thrills to all the craziness. This movie starts from the crazy dramatic characters to the engaging storyline, the movie never ceases to amaze or in fact drive you a little crazy while watching. Scenes such as Nick Young’s mom degrading his girlfriend Rachel Chu for being different, or crazy spiteful exes wanting to sabotage your time by destroying your room, all the way to the quirky, fanatical characters such as Rachel Chus best friend Peik Lin Goh, whose comments and remarks throughout the movie never cease to please, by always having something quirky or funny to say in regards to things.

Nowadays, in movies, though the cast has upgraded it’s diversity it hasn’t to the entirety that it needs to be. Many Hollywood producers are stuck to the same old original one man, one woman and the basis of these films being about straight white people. Hollywood has just recently started to venture out of their safe zone box that is known common ground to them. Not saying there is no ethnicity in the movie industry, but the basis of all of it is white and standard. The movie industry has fallen short of creating a well-rounded and diverse industry. During the past few years, it has been amazing seeing movies to name a few of the newer ones such as Get Out, Black Panther, and or some a little older such as boys in the hood or the color purple. My point is seeing Hollywood expanding their boundaries is a great opportunity and a chance for many other cultures to step out of the shadows and put their mark in Hollywood. As for Crazy Rich Asians I feel as though they have made a great step into Hollywood so far with this charming rom-com. Slowly but surely diversity in the movie industry is expanding and Crazy Rich Asians can say they were a part of this movement.

In conclusion, Crazy Rich Asians is an immense movie as it throws all the ingredients together to make a remarkable and diverse movie. This movie is just a step in a good direction with its key elements to an immense movie, as to what we must look forward to in the future of our movie industries. Rather than Crazy Rich Asians being another B rated rom-com, it takes the drama, craziness and diversity to go beyond that and make this into an immense movie.                                   

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