Creating Therapeutic Environment Through Multi-Sensory Architecture

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The intent of this dissertation is to explore how architecture can create therapeutic environment and improve healing process. Human body follows and allows the process of ‘self-healing’ when provided with positive therapeutic environment. Currently the majority of human population living in cities live in densely populated, jammed environments and to top it all follow busy life styles and work schedules. We as a human being have strong bond with environment by different means like physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. This bond of human being with nature create a dynamic aspects in one’s life. Through different means of aspects like learning, experience and aging creates different connection with our environment.

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The terms curing and healing are often misunderstood as one and hence used alike but in reality hold different meanings. Curing is often referred to the process of getting relief from the symptoms of a disease or condition and is achievable through proper medication whereas healing is referred to the process of the regeneration and restoration of health. The atmosphere of the space changes the perception of the person. In ancient times, over the years ago, the diseases like cancer, mental disorder, aids and addictions have been healed through medications and art therapy which ultimately results in giving birth to another disease. The current trends in the medical health care demand for creating and designing health care environments to include aesthetic improvement for reducing stress and anxiety levels and thereby encourage healing. The therapeutic spaces if properly designed can have the ability to trigger the senses of human mind towards self-healing process. The questions through this dissertation I propose is that can architecture give the spaces to heal the people? In our nearby spaces i.e. our built environment can connect with human beings to give different exposure which ultimately help them in curing. Can we create those interaction spaces with the help of architecture? The Study here reveals how multisensory architectural experience if used correctly can provide psychological relief to the patient.

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