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Creation Of Human According to Quran

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Man is a believer by fitrah. Human nature is like a clear mirror that shows everything in front of it. However, the moment it gets raged, it loses its clarity, and thus does not reflect the objects, and only then the soul needs evidence. Therefore, belief in Allah can be the result of pure human nature or rational evidence and scientific evidence. Allah created mankind and established faith in Him in its nature. If they follow this belief, they will be prepared, assured, calm and happy. However, if they fail to do so, they have to face difficulties and sickness, the symptoms of soul disease develop, such as ego, cruelty, selfishness and pomp.

Allah Most High says: But whosoever turns away from My Reminder (i.e. neither believes in this Qur’an nor acts on its orders, etc.) verily, for him is a life of hardship. Every person, whether young or old, educated or uneducated, rich or poor, strong or weak, urban or rural, dense or bright, according to their fit rah, that there is no god except Allah, the only one. How is it? Consider this example: If the atheist, who thinks that there are thousands of proofs in the world that true God does not exist, then he goes on the ocean journey, and suddenly the sea rises with anger, the waves of the mountain shaped his ship Crashes on, and the fierce wind drives it like a wing in the middle air, at that moment, this atheist wants to seek refuge with Allah Almighty. With the same line, a group of unbelieving scientists traveling by plane will be turned to Allah for their safety, whenever the plane goes to the air pocket and they are afraid of the accident. Therefore, the man is a believer through Fitrah, but as long as he performs safe, powerful, rich and good, he insists on unbelief.

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Design and Designer Argument

Suppose that modern science is right to say that the universe began with a big bang that the universe came into being with an explosion, which sent pieces of material flying at a huge rate in all directions. The big bang can be other than that. This may involve more or less case, or it may include a big or small explosion. It was a big bang because it was important for the development of life, because the rate of expansion of the universe, i.e. the speed at which the pieces of matter were separated, had to fall into some boundaries to develop life. If the rate of expansion was very slow, then gravity would have pulled all the cases again in a large crunch. There will not enough time for life to emerge. If the rate of expansion was very sharp, then gravity did not have the chance to pull any piece of the material together, and was not able to create planets, stars and even gases.

There is nothing to emerge for life. The rate of expansion following the big bang, of course, was just right to allow life to develop. If it was not happened then we would not be here yet. After observing the universe we came to know that including earth there are 8 planets that revolve around the sun, each of them are moving in its own orbit and there is no change in it, it has been researched that if planet earth move about 1 km away from sun or 1 km towards the sun then it would result in the blast of whole planet earth. If there is no designer then who is maintaining this solar system. There must be someone who has made this pattern. That is Allah Almighty. In Quran Allah said: Were they created by nothing, or were they the creators of themselves? Or did they create the heavens and the earth? Rather, they are not certain.

Scientific Proof

There are many proofs that tells us that God exists. If God does exist, would I want to know him? Here then, are some reasons to consider:

The complexity of our planet indicates a deliberate designer who has not only made our universe, but has maintained it even today.

a. Earth: Its size is right. In the shape of the earth and in this same gravity, there is mostly a thin layer of nitrogen and oxygen gases, which extends only about 50 miles from the surface of the Earth. If the earth was small, an atmosphere like planet Mercury would be impossible. If the earth was big, then its atmosphere was free hydrogen like Jupiter. Earth is the only known planet equipped with the right blend of gases to sustain plant, animal and human life.

b. Water is colorless, odorless, and without flavor, and yet no living thing can survive without it. Plants, animals and humans mostly contain water (approximately two-thirds of the human body is water) You will see why the features of water are particularly suitable for life

c. The human brain: simultaneously processes an amazing amount of information. Your brain also takes all the colors and objects you see, the temperature around you, the pressure of your feet against the floor, the sounds around you, the dryness of your mouth, even the texture of your keyboard. Your brain keeps all your emotions, thoughts and memories and processes it. Also, your brain keeps track of your body’s ongoing activities like your breathing pattern, palpation movement, hunger and muscular movement.

d. Eye: can make a difference in seven million colors. It’s automatic focusing and simultaneously handles a stunning 1.5 million messages

The universe had a start – what caused it?

The universe is governed by laws uniform to nature. Why is this?

DNA code indicates, programmed the behavior of a cell.

We know that God exists because He pursues us. He is constantly asking for us to come to Him. These are all scientific terms it indicates that there is someone who is Creator of this Universe and He is Allah.

Religious Phenomenon and Observation

All were born to believe in God, and the revelations of the prophets were just awakened and already strengthened the nature inside us. Even multi-gods, who believe in many deities and deities, often believe that even a high power, there is also a big god on them all. Allah said: If you asked them who created the heavens and earth, they are sure to say, ‘God.’ Say, ‘Praise belongs to God,’ but most of them do not understand. Since all humans can understand high power, therefore they will easily turn to God at the time of danger. Every person, at some point in their life, will have a deep experience which inspires natural reaction to pray. There are many cases of such people who suddenly experience brushes with death which causes them to become more loyal to their religious tradition. Allah said: [But] you, soul at peace: return to your Lord well pleased and well pleasing; go in among My servants; and into My Garden. It is not a promise that believers will never experience calamity. Indeed, the time will come – Allah guides – in which believers will be tested for their patience and perseverance. Instead, Allah has promised that through faith, their spiritual practices and moral and religious education, they will gain a steady state of satisfaction and satisfaction with life.

The most sophisticated expression of the rational sense of the universe is found in the laws of physics, which is the nature that runs on fundamental rules. Laws of gravity and electromagnetism, laws that control the world within atom, rules of motion- all are expressed as clean mathematical relationships. But where do these laws come from? And why do they have such a form that they do? For years I have often asked my physicist colleagues that the laws of physics are what they are. The answers are different from ‘no scientific questions’, ‘Nobody knows.’ The favorite answer is that ‘they have no reason that they are – they are.’ The idea is that the laws are unquestionably rational to the deep. After all, the essence of the scientific explanation of some events is that the world is ordered in a logical way and because of this, things they are as they are. If someone takes these reasons down on the basis of reality – the laws of physics – only to find the reason that makes us desert, it makes fun of science. So Religion phenomenon and observation has also proved Existence of God.

My Opinion

As mentioned above, all the arguments are strong but I think design and the designer argument is stronger as compared to others. Because the if there is a design there has to be a designer, then how this world came, the pattern that this universe follow, the changing of day to night and vice versa. Everything is doing its job on proper time and regularly. The sun itself is million times greater than earth. The earth and many other planets rotate around sun. Why they rotate?

• Who created water for us?

  • • Who created this beautiful world?
  • • Why we have air for breath?
  • • Why we have given food to eat?
  • • Why good deeds results in good?

When we think about these facts we will come to that there is someone who Created these things. And that is Allah Almighty.


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