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Critical Analysis About Constructivism

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Upon knowing the mainstream theories of International Relation, constructivism contrarily tend to shift all those things that were popping in my head into something that is applicable in real life as it branded as one of the most influential learning theories of twenty first century. Constructivism considered reality as historically and socially constructed. So it seems that if constructivists will debate over its opposing theories, they can just relax as they do not have to defend their answers because simply, they are their own answers.

What is more interesting about social constructivism relating it to the general epistemology is that it emphasized the social construction of reality. One good example the way you think about constructivism is money. People inclined that it is important because they collectively give it value. If people stopped believing that a 100 dollar money was worth any value then it would turned out to be simply useless. Another one, if you see someone holding a gun in the middle of the street, some would feel terrified or might be afraid because the way you think about that thing is already constructed. You allowed yourself to see the gun as a scary and harmful thing but if you try to reciprocate your thinking about it then it might also change your perspective over it. One more example is if there were two opposing countries who known to have mishaps would not because of their hatred or distrust toward each other but because of what actions they perform against each other. Confusing as it may seem but that is how constructivists view reality. So what if the time comes that everyone will seek for own security and constructivists were trying to say that if people stopped thinking that it would happen then it would not happened. So basically, it can explode people’s understanding in real world. It’s like even if the majority decided that falsity is truth and that truth is falsity, it doesn’t change the fact that there is existence of truth. So whatever the choices they may be prefer is going to be irrelevant and not realistic.

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It seems that constructivism is not also perfect in explaining how the international system works just like the first two major theories. But dwelling or getting down into the thoughts of constructivism, without its idea of learning, studying international relations would be pointless and not interesting as it is pushing ones mind to think consciously.


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