Critical Analysis of Dan Brown's Angels and Demons

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A brilliant page turner for readers who love brilliant storyline and drama. Angels and Demons is an outstanding thriller, mystrey and crime fiction by Dan Brown, is also the writer who wrote “Da Vinci Code.' The book has the same protagonist, Robert Langdon who is a professor and is set in the cobbled street of Europe and the Vatican City. The story is set in CERN (One of the biggest physics centers of the world) in Geneva, Switzerland where a physicist working on antimatter is killed by someone with the word Illuminati branded on his chest.

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Antimatter in real life is the most highly rated substance, and it prices about 62.5 trillion dollars to make one gram of it and it must be preserved in cases where it cannot touch any matter or the process of annihilation would create a higher level of mess in strength than any atomic explosion. Robert Langdon a professor who is also well-known for his studies on Illuminati he is on a mission to find the murderer of physicist. He is attended by the physicist's daughter with whom he ultimately falls in love.

An antimatter bomb with the antimatter stolen from the lab of the physicist is found in Vatican building where the cardinals from all around the world are gathering for the pope elections in the enclave however, the four pope have been kidnapped. Robert and his companion go through the streets of Vatican and Rome to stop the killer from murdering the last pope. The antimatter bomb has a timer which would set off the bomb which gives additional suspense to the story. The story is sometimes a bit loose and has too many details, problems take longer to solve as compared to Da Vinci Code. Overall, it's highly recommended to anyone who loves a great thriller and also, it gives us information about the secret society Illuminati.

Critical Analysis

Writer tells about secret society Illuminati in this story how the elite and some powerful persons in the world use people for their purposes against some specific religions. The genre of this story are thriller, mystery and crime. The characters also developed by the writer done their part very good. Plot of this story is well structured scenes are not predictable and suspense are enough for any person. Story had many twists and the ending of the story is very unpredictable.


I am also the bigger fan of this story because the writer unmask the Illuminati agenda, and this story tells reality of this fantasy world. I am highly recommended reading this book and also see their movie.

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