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Rick Perlstein claims college is different now compared to how it used to in the 60’s. Some would say, nowadays college students wouldn’t take college seriously, and the student culture has changed in the rules of society but students still follow the same cultural aspects. Rick Perlstein had shared some experience to make his complaint, “College as America used to understand it is coming to an end”. Liz Addison a Biology major from Veterinary College in London, argues on Rick Perlstein’s statement that college doesn’t matter anymore, in her essay, “Two Years Are Better than Four.” In the essay, Addison uses her experience to argue that attending a two-year college is just the beginning, which can lead to new discoveries, an advancement in education and to more experience and growth for students who are unprepared and indecisive.

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Liz Addison’s goal is to effectively persuade her readers, who are mainly students, the importance of college and how it still matters. Through a combination of Rhetorical strategies that use logos, ethos, and pathos, Liz Addison makes an effective argument on why two-year colleges are better than four-year colleges. Addison has many logical appeals, it provides evidence, supported argument, and their claims. Her style of writing for logos is an arrangement. One way is when she states, “Reading between the lines, is that Mr. Perlstein has never set foot in an American community college”. This shows us evidence of how Perlstein doesn’t know what the two-years of college is all Tamayo 2 about since he had never been in one. She uses her experience of going to a community college to discredit his claims. Perlstein lack of attendance to a community college makes his claim logically incorrect because he can’t assume for other people. Addison believes, “he would never think to look for himself in the one place left where the college experience of self- discovering does still matter to those who get there”. Community college still matters to her because it’s a place where students can have an opportunity to start going onto bigger things, open new doors and it gives hope for some students. Furthermore, Addison tries to prove her point by building common ground with the readers. For example, when Liz Addison says, “Having been to two community colleges, she experienced first-hand the basis of community college and how it allows students to begin without limitations”. She briefly mentions her experience of going to two community colleges, which gives support to her statements and relates to readers, specifically students. It also gives more of a trusting and understandable view to the readers that Rick Perlstein’s ignorant and unethical opinion. Addison then states, “my life became proportional to my education… it had the good fortune to land me in an American community college… I too seek admission to the University of Privilege”. This shows community college can be the first step on getting your education and anyone who wants to extend their education can get a chance in a two year. She is also referring to Thomas Jefferson, who once wrote, “Everybody should have an education proportional to their life”. This means that someone may go to college if it will supplement their future. Ethos is involved when she gives her experience on going to Tamayo 3 community college and how important it was for her on obtaining an education, so she can be where she is now. Along the same lines, Addison expresses values of morality through the use of pathos when she sympathizes toward a young African American student.

Addison states, “‘College is the key,’ a young African American student writes for the umpteenth torturous revision”. She feels sorry for the young student because if he would have known about community college then he wouldn’t have had such a tough time going through the whole admissions process for the four year colleges. Addison also claims, “The community college system is America’s hidden public service gem”. This expresses to readers community college is such a great educational system to start with, that not many people have the opportunity to go to which makes it more valuable. It may also trigger a sense of regret to those who never knew about it. In conclusion, Addison made an effective argument on why two-years of community college are better than four-years using strategies of logos, ethos, and pathos. She uses these strategies to talk about her experience to engage, and effectively convince the reader of the importance of community college. Her style of writing was conversational and well arrange which had a persuasive effect on the readers, who can relate and have more trust in her statements. Overall, a community college can allow for self-discovery, offer opportunities a four year can’t teach you.

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