Critical Response to Garry Thomas’s Education: a Very Short Introduction

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Education is the movement from darkness to light. It is the key of successful and better future. We start gain education from our childhood in school days. “School life is the best life” phrase says that it is the best period of life and in which we learn something innovative. As like this phrase, my school life was best and most memorable part of my life. The credit of my current good time goes to my school. I got a better education and joyful experience in my school days. I think school education teach us lesson of life as well like discipline, punctuality and confidence encouragement etc. In Garry Thomas’s Education: A Very Short introduction, he stated many arguments and problems regarding education system. I am not agreeing with all, because I had a most positive experience of school education.

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My school was not just a building or not like an army camp. It was a place which built the character of my life. First of all, I did my education in Punjabi medium. That’s very interesting thing because Punjabi is my mother tongue. I did not face any problem regarding language system or different culture. Secondly, our curriculum was not much boring, because there was many interesting course like cooking, stitching and cutting, games, music etc. I took cooking and stitching courses as a part of my education. Through those courses, I learned basic recipes of home cooking and basic skills of stitching. It made me independent regarding my food and cloth stitching. I did stitching as my own business at home for money collection. Main reason of my independence and business was a school course. At that time I realized that why people say that better school education gives us better future and a good career. I think that we can make our career good at the basis of school education if we have a better education system. Furthermore, all education system is not perfect; we cannot state this idea for all education system.

Apart from this, I have also experienced some negative things regarding education. In school time, we have to spend lot of time on readings, assignments or homework. At this point, study demand lot of time from students. Sometimes, it prevents students to explore their own creativity and personal hobbies. That’s very difficult time. Students do lot of study and practice for exams because they need good marks to enter into any diploma or degree next. As Thomas stated that, ’Their knowledge of facts, their understanding of life and work came to them from friendship or love, while viewing TV, or while reading, from examples of peers or the challenge of a street encounter’. I am agreeing with his statement to large extent. Because with the help of education, we can make good career, we can get good and highly payable job but there are some general things and basic of life which we can learn from our parents, peers or friends only, not from education. These general things are like importance of relation, our culture rituals and religious beliefs, manners of life etc. According to me, sex education is also one thing that can learn from parents, peers and friends in a better ways as compare to books. In short, I can say that I have experienced both sides of education like positive or negative. But I have positive experience more and I am glad to say that I passed my school days very happily.

Finally, I will say that education system should be better and there should be no negative point of it. If education will more better, our future coming generation will get better education and it will make the better future of our world.

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