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Critical Thinking And Our Judgements Paradigms

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In The 21st century, there is always a time in every individual’s life that the person is being judged by others based on his race and other physical appearances. There are a lot of factors that impacts on this process and one of the most important one is social media. The power of Social hierarchy shaped the ways of thinking by creating different stereotypes. It created a Paradigm for our decision-making process while we are almost unaware of it. Social media creates norms for modern life and produces stereotypes by attaching certain characteristics to a certain race or specific types of clothes and any other aspects of physical appearance. Most people judge the others just by looking at their appearances because that is the first thing visible to us. A certain individual may seem lazy since he looks fat or unfit in comparison to the idea that we have about an average looking person. This judgment is done unconsciously by us, meaning most of the time we do not even think about the fact that what the origin of this judgment is and in fact it shows the negative power of stereotypes.

In addition some woman may like to use cosmatics to look whiter while we have to think criticallly that why such a desire exists among those that have darker skin. As an example, it occurred lots of times for me that because of having a mustache people misjudged me as an old-fashioned person since the media dictate that it is not common for a young man to have this type of facial appearance. In addition, when I came to Canada a couple of years ago, I noticed that the types of clothes that I used to wear for going to school in back-home was more formal than my classmates in Canada and it took some time for me to get used to this but during that time, I felt that I may have been judged by some people as an old fashioned person due to these differences in appearance. This judgement comes from the difference of norms in Canada and my back-home which indeed is due to cultural differences. In addition, when I started to go to school at the age of seven, there have been multiple times that some of my classmates made fun of me because of having a small mole near my left ear and this judgement had negative effects on my self teem during my childhood. In contrast, as the time went by I usually have been admired as a handsome man just because of being tall. I always try to wear more formal types of clothes that has added to those positive judgments that I get by other people and this way of thinking comes from my cultural norms.

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On the other hand, we have the paradigm shift in the judgment of people, meaning there can be common type of physical appearance that was not acceptable before but as the time went by norms changed and the way we think about that specific subject has changed as well. As an example, nowadays wearing casual clothes are more common than the past. In one aspect it seems that it is all about the uneven distribution of power and hegemony as if there is a small group of people who has the majority of the world power and they are trying to maintain their position by creating norms and stereotypes through controlling the mass media. Social media indirectly dictate us what norms and the types of clothes and physical appurtenance that should be accepted by our consciousness.

The Strange part is, we usually do not think that what our daily judgements and decisions are based on. In the current era, the massive power of social media is undeniable. Social media influences the lies we tell ourselves. We are fed information about who we should be to be accepted in our culture. It indirectly dictates to our conciseness the types of clothes we have to wear in order to be accepted in the society and it even goes to smallest details of our private life. It can provide enough consumer for a certain type of clothes which was not common until that time by normalizing it for the society. There should be guidelines and limits for the media and what it promotes for the society. We must be mindful about all of our simple daily decisions like wearing clothes and That is where our skepticism come to play. Critical thinking is the best way to control this condition. To sum up, we have to be mindful about 2 aspects: first of all, we have to be mindful about reasons that make us fallow a specific norm when choosing what to wear or how to act with our body. Second of all, being skeptical about what social media tries to feed us, plays a crucial role in this specific subject. If all of us learn to the power of critical thinking, no power can dictate us norms for our judgements or put pressure on us to think the way they want.


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