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WeChat is the messaging, social networking and mobile payments app that has defined itself as the app that can do it all, with over 700 million active users WeChat is killing it in china. It’s also known as the one app that can do everything for you seamlessly. Can Cryptassist replicate this model on blockchain for everywhere else on the globe? I think yes! Imagine seeing ordering an uber, paying your bills, online shopping and scrolling through your Instagram all from one app. Yep! That’s WeChat. *Disclaimer alert the apps mentioned aren’t actually on the WeChat platform, there are Chinese versions on there. It’s is still super impressive though. Imagine all the technology it takes to develop something of that magnitude. Microsoft tried with – people hub and failed, Apple is trying with its iTunes, but it can’t seem to get it exactly right. Maybe cryptassist can get it done, after all it has the power of blockchain. I like to think of cryptassist as a crypto version of WeChat but one that’s focused on software as a service. An all in one platform focused on making cryptocurrency a simpler topic for everyone. In this blog I’ll show you to work with different, more advanced cryptassist features to find profitable trades faster and take your trading to the next level. These features include Cryptassist Exchange, cryptassist’s Arbitrage opportunities alerts, cryptassist freelancer.

An entire trading platform – Cryptassist exchange. Cryptassist will come forth with an entire cryptocurrency spot exchange where users can trade freely on a simple and user-friendly interface with real time trading of digital assets around the clock. To get users to use the exchange and CTAs, cryptassist is offering a 50% discount off all trading fees as long as they are paid using CTA coins. Centralized systems store customer records and funds on a few servers making it easy for anyone to hack their systems, Blockchain technology however is secure because it’s decentralized, so no data is ever at one single location and even then, everything is encrypted. To run a stellar cryptocurrency spot exchange, companies need to figure out an efficient way to operate decentralized exchanges and cryptassist is already on the way there. Making sweet profits, swiftly – Cryptassist’s Arbitrage opportunities alerts Arbitrage can be defined as the concurrent purchase and disposal of securities, currency, or commodities in different markets or in derivative forms to exploit the different prices of the same asset to make a profit and every good investor knows that arbitrage is the best way to make profits, but it gets tough finding the right window of opportunity as real time trading almost always happens too fast.

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Like blink and you’ll miss it fast. One way in which arbitrage occurs in a cryptocurrency market for example is – a trader can buy a cryptocurrency on a different exchange and sell it to a different exchange that has listed a different price. If the price is higher the trader will make a clean profit. Another way a trader can make profit through arbitrage is by taking advantage of different prices in different countries, some countries have significant disparities with regards to pricing leaving room for profit. Through the platform users who have connected their portfolios, can choose to be alerted anytime arbitrage opportunities are available for the coins they are interested in, they can get data regarding when to sell or buy coins and when to avoid trading, they can also discover cryptocurrencies that are making significant progress and are on an upward trajectory. This tool is great for eliminating ‘coin chasing’ see when a coin is trending is when most people usually rush in to buy it with hopes of riding on its popularity to make profit, but this tactic almost never works because the coins will be overpriced. The cryptassist alert tool informs you immediately a big even occurs on the exchange, whether it’s a lower price or an important breakout you will get all the information immediately, so you can act before the coin loses value. Any good trader knows first mover advantage is everything, that’s why they spend a lot to get the fastest internet speeds and take hours on time watching the stock market. Really being first can make you a lot of money. One unique feature about the platform that’s an industry game-changer is the fact that the platform uses algorithms to customize user specific trading parameters based on the trade volumes the user wishes to trade with.

Finding someone to streamline all your activities – Cryptassist freelancer. sometimes managing socks is tough to as there’s always more to do, more to check on etc. Therefore, hiring a freelancer in this situation would be a great ingredient for successful trading, especially If you can find a freelancer that’s skilled on the topic. the cryptassist service allows employers to save on costs as well as building an all rounded team by posting any projects they may have on the platform, for example researching the next best trading opportunity, and to receive bids from different but relevant people. Just in case you need an experienced trader on your side the platform will require that set a milestone payment plan, one which allows the freelancer to get paid according to all the milestones that they have managed to successfully fulfill. This tried and tested model protects the employer as well as motivates the freelancer to get more valuable work done. KYC is used in all transactions to ensure transparency is maintained and the contract is carried out successfully. Find out the next big opportunities by finding out what’s trending – Cryptassists social media scanner and Trading alerts. Used In tandem with other cryptassist features, the social media scanner is the ultimate curation tool sure that’s sure to fulfill any crypto trader’s wildest dreams. Here’s how it works; Cryptassist understands than many of us just don’t have to time to go around reddit, around reddit or Facebook trying to find any valuable cryptocurrency mentions or posts.

So, it’s algorithm will go around the web doing that for you, it will look for cryptocurrencies and monitor how many times those cryptocurrencies to try and find a pattern, the more a term is mentioned the better. Once the analysis is completed the tool will create a detailed report and send it straight to you via your dashboard. By using the top trending and most used term analysis, you can make smarter, more informed trading decisions for higher success rates. This tool works in perfect conjunction with the cryptassist arbitrage opportunities alerts tool. Thanks to the social media tool also allows you to find out and discover new or current coins with promising investment opportunity. Normally such organizations are tough to find because they generally fly under the radar. So, without the trade alerts, you would never even know such a chance existed. Therefore, the alerts tool assists you to expand your portfolio and discover excellent investment opportunities in the manner.

Cryptassist understands that the market is filled with its own share of coins, tokens, trades and plenty of crypto news where interested users can go for look for information and data. All so that they can maintain their platform with ease. All this goes into feeding Cryptassist’s overall vision of a world where people have incorporated cryptocurrencies into every aspect of their lives. Issuance of tokens. The company has placed the soft cap target at $36,980,000 and the hard cap at $236,250,000. With 25% of the funds that is raised going towards paying operational expenses, 18% will go towards funding marketing efforts & business development, 5% will go into legal affairs, 20% will be reserved for research purposes and 12% for the team’s salary and recruitment. You can take part in the ICO every day from now until 11th of august 2018. Although the company states that the ICO will be kept open until the hard cap target has been reached. The company accepts contributes via PayPal, fiat currency or crypto coins (Only the CoinMarketCap’s top 100 cryptocurrencies will be accepted as forms of payment) Visit the company website for important company updates and other details regarding products and services.


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