Cto: an Imperative Part for Any Organization


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The giddily escalating momentum of technological transformation has taken its toll on every company by compelling them to stay ahead in the game and implement the latest trends in order to strive in this competitive era. Technological disruptions can hamstring a business within a momentary period of time. The firms who get prey to these kinds of interruption can witness their global lead promptly crumble. This is where the role of a CTO or Chief Technology Officer comes into play. CTO is one of the highest executive level post in a firm which basically deals with everything technical and technological within the firm. It is the responsibility of the CTO to delve into all kinds of needs of any organization and help it achieve all its goals.

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Role of a CTO The CTO plays a key role in any modern business spectacle. Mostly, people do not seem to have a much elusive idea about it. However, it is crucial to decipher how this title is influencing and playing an imperative role in any kind of organization. The utilitarian role of a CTO depends on numerous factor like the needs, the size, the capability, and the scope of a firm. For a small tech company or a start-up, mostly CTO plays the overall developmental role which includes evolving technology, piloting employees, hatching new propositions, controlling the R&D sector, and satisfying the consumers with the conclusive idea about the worth of a particular project. For a huge IT firm, the CTO needs to possess the required skills in order to be able to comprehend the foresight related to a specific product. And for non-tech organizations, the CTO does not even need a technical outlook. An optimal CTO will always be well aware of the trade propositions and workable gimmicks apart from his depth of knowledge in the technical standpoints. He must be able to maneuver, devise, and enforce new technical facets of a firm so as to establish a stable profitability and yield. He must be responsible enough to administer the functionality and efficacy of a system framework. Apart from that, he must be a good hinge between the investors and the customers, by aiding to both their demands. Skill sets needed to be a successful CTO

  • Adaptability to the constant changes in technology and having in-depth Knowledge about it is a must for a CTO.
  • A diplomatic mind with an empathetic and tolerant attitude will serve you in the long run. After all, a toxic leadership will be of no use even if you possess all the eminent technical skills.
  • Constructing budget plans and conducting research will help you stick longer to your role.
  • Ability to conduct technological analyses and research
  • Communicating efficiently with your audience and hearing out what they have to say in return is pivotal in achieving a balance in your business.
  • Set a direction towards your vision and steer clear through all the bending obstacles that fall on your way.
  • Critical thinking is primal for staying one step ahead in your game.

Recent trends

With the advent of digitization and IoT, the idea is crystal clear that a breakneck change calls for an expeditious transformation. As inferred by IDC in the 2016 FutureScape, Leadership has a key role to play in all of it. It is anticipated that within the next 2 years, the upswing in the cybernated business blueprints will be the chief road hog for the advancing IT sector. The role of a CTO is far away from being a technocrat or an architect. Rather the CTO acts as a modern-day mastermind who facilitates the company’s need with accuracy and clarity.

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