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A cultural conflict is defined as a struggle, hostility, or/and dislike between two or more communities with differences in beliefs and cultural values. These conflicts are difficult to be resolved, due to the different beliefs held by the parties. The discussions are often reflected in politics and international relations.


Michelle LeBaron studied cultural conflict and classified its main characteristics: it is multi-layered, constantly in flux, and deep below the superficial levels of culture and its meanings.

Key Quotes
  • “There are cultural issues everywhere - in Bangladesh, Latin America, Africa, wherever you go. But somehow when we talk about cultural differences, we magnify those differences.” - Muhammad Yunus
  • “Culture is more often a source of conflict than of synergy. Cultural differences are a nuisance at best and often a disaster.” - Geert Hofstede
  • “The UN declaration on human rights must always be first in line before religion or other cultural habits, in case of any conflict between them.” - Bjorn Ulvaeus
Arguments For

Modernization and internationalization have many positive sides, but the other side of the concept is also interesting to investigate. These phenomena intensify cultural conflicts, which are caused by the fact that different cultures have different values, beliefs, and perceptions of the world. For students, this can be a productive topic for discussions.

Arguments Against

There aren’t many in-depth studies on cultural conflict, so students can mostly rely on resources from the news.

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