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Cultural Experience. Trace Adkins Concert

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Cultural Experience. Trace Adkins Concert

For my cultural experience report, I attended a concert at the Santa Barbara County Fair in Santa Maria, California. I’m normally not a fan of country music nor do I enjoy listening to this style of music, but due to convenience I took a chance. The artist is pretty popular within the country scene; Trace Adkins has sold over eleven million albums, and won three Country Music Awards since entering on the country music scene. After nearly 20 years he continues performing at various events such as festivals, fairs, private events, and fan based shows. As previously stated, I had the opportunity to listen and watch him perform during the Santa Barbara County Fair. The Santa Maria Fairpark is considered one of the larger venues in the area; hosting various events with a running calendar on their website. I first walked into the Fairpark I was engulfed from the smells of food, the cheerful babble of the crowds, screams of laughter coming from the rides, but the thing I noticed most was the music. Once the band started performing the music drowned out all the surrounding sounds one would experience during a fair. I was able to hone in on the various tones generated by the drums, guitars and voice of Trace Adkins.

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I utilized the tools Listen and Footwork from our Week Three Discussion, Music and Dance Toolbox. I wasn’t keen on the style of music, so I watched the concert more so from a visual aspect. However, as I listened I did find myself bobbing my head and tapping my foot to the beats. As songs were played individuals within the crowd were also performing their own routine by dancing. Their footwork was in rhythm with the beats of the drums, and their motions were in unison to the transitioning sounds. As I continued to listen, I wondered how the sounds would differ from outdoors to indoors. Additionally, how much work actually goes into tuning the instruments, and equipment in an attempt to get the best quality of sound for the music goer. On this particular night Trace Adkins, the other musicians, and sound technicians out did themselves and performed exceptionally well. It would be safe to say, this is expected from a group of individuals who have performed for several years and perfected their craft.

I would say that this concert wasn’t any different than the other concerts I have experienced in my life accept for the fact it was country music. In the past, I have witnessed everything from hip hop, heavy metal, rock & roll, grunge, reggae and even an orchestra. I can easily say during all of these concerts the crowds were engaged; from mosh pits, dancing, waving arms, lighters in the air, and simple smiles expressing their enjoyment. This country concert wasn’t any different. Another observation was the demographics of the crowd; there was a mixture of people who were of different age, gender, ethnicity, and race. Also, I was expecting to see a lot of cowboy hats, wrangler blue jeans, boots and belt buckles within the crowd, however this wasn’t the case.

In conclusion, although I wasn’t familiar with the music or songs I genuinely enjoyed my time. I will be more apt to experience another country concert or other genre of music in the future.


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