Cultural Narcissism in the Today's Society

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Cultural Narcissism is craving for admiration and appreciation of our own culture and finding every other culture and civilization wrong at many levels. This book tells us how Mullas and Molvis are shaping the mentality of Muslims as they want. And the common Muslims can’t even deny what Mullas and Molvis have to tell since we don’t even have proper knowledge of Islam so whatever that Mullas says becomes our faith. What they have to say is what must be the truth. Those Mullas are never questioned in our society and they are the ones who are playing the most negative role in our society by creating hatred in our hearts against Non-muslims and their civilizations and cultures. 

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The main problem in our society is that we don’t have proper knowledge of Islam so we are blindly following the Mullas and we never care enough to understand if what Mullas have to tell is actually the truth or not OR if it is ethically and morally right or wrong OR if it is actually the real Islam as told by Hazrat Muhammad PBUH and Quran or if it is just by Mullas so they may gain worldly and political benefits. The thing is whatever we got told in Islam is what we believe in and refuse to against it because it is told in the name of Islam. 

The professional Muslim Ulema of Pakistan has influenced our thinking so much that we see everything in religious terms. We keep a keen record of “atrocities against Muslims” but we ignore the enemy within who hides behind Islam. Another thing is that the level of Cultural Narcissism is extremely high in Muslims. We never accept other cultures and norms but Muslims want their culture to be widely accepted and followed. One of the example in this book was of Saudi Arabia. No matter how much hard work a non-muslim do in Saudi Arab. 

They won’t ever get the citizenship, But whenever something like this happens to Muslims, Our MUSLIM EGO gets offended badly. We want every right to be fulfilled for Muslims that we are not willing to give to any non-muslim. We get offended when Non-muslims try to spread their religion but we want to spread Islam in all parts of the world. We are always judging the religious norms of Non-muslims but we get offended when others even try to say a single word against our religion. We always want people to leave their religions and come to Islam, we welcome those type of people warmly when they come to Islam but whenever a Muslim leaves Islam, our Muslim ego gets offended. 

We don’t tolerate the differences that exist other religions. We are not even open to new change. We are always blindly following the Islamic rituals and we never bothered to look upon them if they are morally and ethically right or wrong. There is a recognizable gap between Men and Women. Women are forced to do hijab. Women are forced to pursue careers in just medicine or education and are strictly took away from the Media and liberalism, while men are not forced to follow anything like this. Because this is how our culture is, and we are mostly not open to new change. But in the recent 10 years, We have shown a great openness to change in our culture and people are becoming more and more acceptable to each other’s values and traditions. 

Our society is not agreeable. We don’t allow others to spread their religion but we want to spread Islam. We don’t want to give citizenship of Saudi Arab to any non-muslim but we want the Muslims to get citizenship of each country easily. We want everybody else to leave their religion and accept Islam but we don’t want any Muslim to leave Islam. The problem is we are not empathic at all. We never try to cooperate with Non-muslims rather we try to compete with them. We never put non-muslims single benefit ahead of ours. The roots of this mindset lie in our narcissism, in our self-image of righteousness. We do not take criticism and disapproval and We never feel sorry for our wrongs. A semi-educated boy can start yelling at you if you point out a mistake. 

Neuroticism is a tendency to experience negative emotions easily. Our society is highly neurotic. We want to kill non-muslims who do blasphemy. We want to destroy India, Israel, and other countries because they don’t give Muslims proper rights. We are easily bothered by the actions of non-muslims but we never care enough to check our own actions first. Our society’s special mindset is at war with its own self and the world, with other religions and its own religious diversity. It is in a state of schizophrenia passing into paranoia. 

We should holdback ourselves from inculcating false pride in our youth. We should teach them to love humanity. We should welcome the necessary and positive change in our society, Our ancestors used to live in caves, didn’t have clothes to wear and home to live but didn’t that change? Yes, they did because that change was necessary for their development. Same is the case with us, we need to become more and more acceptable to other people’s religion and we need to provide them with everything we demand for ourselves. It is right to reject what was wrong in the past but it is not right to predict that the wrong will continue forever. We believe that we were always on the right side, that we were persecuted. Cultural narcissism can be dangerous for societies. This book gives us a methodology to understand the behavior of Muslims through psychology. We must fight the darkness in our society.  

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