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Cultural revolution in China

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Cultural Revolution plays a very big role in the Chinese history as well as china influenced by Cultural Revolution. Cultural Revolution staring in 1966 and ended in 1976 it was for 10 year. It effected on social value, individual development and political institution in china. During Cultural Revolution Mao forced children to burn their books because he wanted them to study ideology as well as Mao also punished the student who did not wear dress accurately and he encourage people to read his book in which works were selected by Mao. During this period, sensational and unpredictable strategies were implemented nationally. Cultural Revolution also effect on schools because during this there was no class which effect on the study of students as well as it disrupted students. Cultural Revolution has a very big impact on Chinese culture. (Zhou, 287)

Cultural Revolution set by Mao Zedong, who was the leader of china. Many Chinese died during this time. Mao did not want that people should receive education so that is why he said it is essential for youth to go to the rural area to re-educated by poor uneducated people who were living in the rural area. This revolution broke the strength of country economy and this long 10 year class struggle caused unexpected damage to traditional culture and nation economy. Cultural Revolution put the nation in chaos and there were numerous groups battling with each other. In Chinese Household Income Project Survey the different estimate measures show that the Cultural Revolution brought down the people annual income. Ministry of education is highest educational organization in china who report to the state council. (Jinghao, 31)

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Cultural Revolution which kept going 10 years damaged to a culture which is one of the oldest and exceptionally created human advancement of world. The Revolution not just constrained to the present age but it also effect on the upcoming generation and children who get born during these years had a many process and handle as well as all parents were confused about what to teach them. The revolution compelled a huge number of young people to migrate to new places for work in urban area and it shows that more than 18 million youth had been set down as well as youth work for more than 10 hours per day every week. After the three years of Mao death then there was possible protests by youth to finally to go back to their hometowns and people have to stay at same place who get married. Cultural Revolution also put an impact on the life of common people because people have to face many things where they are life like violence. People never talk about this that they are living in violence as well as they didn’t have a freedom to go anywhere, talk with anyone so cultural revolution put very unfair effect on the people. People were affected by Cultural Revolution but children also affected by this for example, if person have no freedom then it is common sense that they will face mental problem so it mean children also faced mental problem during the cultural revolution as well as cultural revolution put very big affect on the children health. Cultural Revolution influenced individuals to flourish for power thus numerous results. Essentially Cultural Revolution prompted the division of intensity on neighborhood premise.

China’s vocational education look into foundations has a low recurrence of collaboration. In 1985 Decision of the reform of education system is to strengthen educational leadership and to expand the system of technical and vocation education as well as 9 year compulsory education in institute. Little percentage of students passes the entrance exam for university which is very hard to pass. Chinese were motivated to build Chinese economy which was fall down due to Cultural Revolution. Chinese education was not good between the year 1978 and 1998 then after 1999 education become at higher level in china but government did not support the colleges and Universities for build buildings and campuses as well as increase the staff.

Chinese economy plays a very big role in Cultural Revolution because in this time Chinese economy did not run long due to Cultural Revolution. The expense of universities was high so that is why it was hard for students to get graduates as well as collages were still close. In those years people did not concentrate on the education so which shows that people who were at that time they did not receive good education so that is why many people were uneducated. In 1978 Chinese government wanted to improve their education system because education is very important for the entire nation to develop their country because it also increase the human capital and productivity of individual as well as it also important for the economy development.

The great wall of china made by bricks, stones woods and much other material are also used. This wall was located from east to west in the north china. There are some reasons to build this wall in china because it prevents the Chinese people from the northern attackers. This was during the Qin dynasty. Chinese people get many benefits of this wall because now a day’s tourist comes from different countries to see the wall so that means it create the job opportunities for the local people of Chinese people. The main motive of this wall is to only protect the Chinese people. (NICOLA, 264-65)


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