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Cultural Sustainability Of Circassians People

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This week’s conference about sustainability was very interesting, since there were guests with different backgrounds like culture, nation, environment, mountain, cities and their speech was based on “how to sustain the spheres on which they are focusing”. It was interesting to have brain storming in the variety of topics. However, one topic impressed me the most, which was about the culture. Speaker spoke about the Circassians people and about the KAFDER association. That’s made me search more about cultural sustainability.

In cultural studies there is the concept of “transmission”. This is an appeal to cultural heritage. The principal property of the transmission is to ensure the preservation of past samples through the elimination, limitation of innovations as deviations. Closely related to religious practice, it is focused on restoring early cultural patterns to their immunity from the layers of time. For example, the fundamentalist movement is the Islamic revolution in Iran and the Gandhism movement in India.

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The uniqueness of culture is manifested in its dialogue. Culture is impossible without inner roll call. “Characters” of past cultures do not leave the stage, do not disappear and do not dissolve in the air, but engage in dialogue with both their fellow brethren and the heroes who succeeded them. Culture contains both stable and volatile moments. Sustainability, “inertia” in culture is a tradition. In other words, tradition is the elements of social and cultural heritage (ideas, values, customs, rituals, worldview methods, etc. ) that are transmitted from generation to generation and persist in certain societies and social groups for a long time. Traditions exist in all forms of spiritual culture. It can be talked about scientific, religious, moral, national, labor and other traditions. The progress of society is based on traditions, since it is not necessary to invent something that once was, but only to supplement, develop it, and also create something new.

Coming to KAFDER (Kayseri Kafkas Derneği) association, they opened this association 50 years ago because of banishment from Russia and that people trying to protect their culture, language and tradition by organizing events etc. For me, knowing my own culture, language, tradition is so important, since person should know from where is he / she coming and know the history.

In recent decades, integration has been observed in many areas of life in most countries, as well as the growth of intercultural communications. The general norms and values that are characteristic of most cultures are formed. These processes act as cultural universalization. About Circassian people who are in Turkey and in Russia huge difference. One of its forms, in my opinion is cultural modernization. In a broad sense, cultural modernization means a rather sharp renewal of culture in the spirit of certain values, its reaction to some demands of time and society. In a narrow sense, the modernization of culture means the work to overcome its lag behind the cultures adopted as developed. In particular, the classic example of such modernization is industrialization – the transition from traditional to capitalist culture.

Nowadays, globalization plays very big role. May be in the future all people will be globalized, however, in my opinion it is not good. Cultures, languages should exist since with that aspects – this world is beautiful and I totally support the sustainability of nation.


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