Curfew Law: Causes and Effects

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Countries such as Australia, Thailand, Germany, and several others, have implemented a curfew law for teenagers 18 and under, while there are several other countries, that do not. Curfew law is a regulation issued by a government typically to maintain public order, which is to be at home before a stated time. The law typically forbids a specific target of people, in this case, those that are 18 and under, from being outdoors in public areas like public parks or in commercial establishments such as shopping malls on a specified time of the day, typically on the evening. Depending on the government’s aim to implement the law unto, it may be classified into different categories such as Juvenile Curfews, Emergency Curfews, or Business Curfews. 

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Though the law may seem daunting, it has its leniency as long as, minors are being accompanied by a parent or a legal guardian, the minor is responding to an emergency, or being on the way home from school, work, or from a lawful supervised activity, are fulfilled. Governments issue this law in hopes to prevent the number of crimes that involve minors, from increasing, along with protection from potential harm from predators and generally maintaining peace on hours where people need to rest. This may promote a sense of security unto parents, as those that are 18 and under requires total adult observation since they are not trusted to be out late, on their own, this then makes it less likely for issues to occur as the minors are within the safety of their home rather than somewhere else late at night as they are kept out of reach from drugs and violence which then leads to a decrease on their vulnerability to crime or any form of danger. Parents will also then be able to have more control as they can easily set limits over their children as they are assured of their schedule to be back at home, which makes maintaining the household easier. Minors are then taught to be more disciplined and responsible as they learn to understand boundaries due to the law being able to show teenagers how it is structured in a way to keeps them safe.

Though this law aims to protect minors, this may also lead towards oppressive parenting styles as parents may abuse the law to control their children against their own sense of belief, goals, and opinions, which are often overlooked by parents due to being overprotective. By doing this, they may impact their children’s way of life indirectly as their children will be expected to obey their parents or the law to avoid any repercussions, which will affect their growth in maturity and development of life skills which will eventually lead to a culture shock once they move on to the real world. Parents may even develop a false sense of security as they will heavily depend on the law to address minor-related incidents rather than improving their parenting methods, which is also a huge part of influencing the upbringing of their children. Due to oppressive parenting, teens may resort to rebelling as they are not allowed to express their opinions or comment about the curfew as they see it as an act of taking away their freedom. This will then get in their way of life, especially when there is a special event happening but are unable to attend due to either the law or their parents so they end up missing out on social outings and gain the fear of being unable to relate within their social circle with friends who were allowed to go on such events. Job opportunities would lessen, especially for those that are only able to work on graveyard shifts. This then discourages teens from obtaining a job due to the schedule of the curfew.

The curfew then ends up discriminating some young people from having a living for both their own needs and their family. Despite having its advantages and disadvantages, the implementation of the curfew law highly depends on the current situation of the populace and is not to be relied on for maintaining the youth as the law not only affects those who undergo illegal activities but those who follow the rules as well. Parents as well have to take part and be more pro-active within their children’s lives to raise them to be the individuals they want them to be by working together to find the right boundary and plan in which both parties are happy to stick.

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