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As a true soldier, Bumper bravely stands against the blow, absorbing most of the impact energy during a low-speed collision. Even if your shape is poor or scratched, damage to the hood or luggage and the rest of the vehicle can cause the most damage. Protection of the frontal network, front lights of the car, exhaust system, fuel and even parts of the engine.

This crash gives the car a more distinctive appearance and a stricter appearance. At the same time, the shield functions as another layer of protection. This is the hardest blow. Fortunately, it can be repaired easily depending on the degree of damage or even replacement. If you need a better ground clearance, a sportier, more elegant appearance, improved aerodynamics, exterior surfaces or a more powerful background, you can update your old style.

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The fenders are available in different styles and designs. You should also be familiar with the various materials used in the fenders to provide a perfect fit with your car, your needs and your expectations.

Standard or private buffer

The full market cars are equipped with standard fenders. It can be equipped with fiberglass or metal structure, or it can be covered or covered with plastic. As a safety function, it is equipped with an energy absorption system. They can be designed using basic materials or foam fillings. Standard designs can change over time due to changing federal requirements and common problems of vehicle safety, fuel consumption, production costs and aerodynamics.

On the other hand, special bumpers have been modified for better safety or better style. It can be equipped with sensors, shields and other accessories and is equipped with compact lights for the car, such as fog lights. Some were made to increase aerodynamic or reduced air resistance. It can be drawn especially according to the characteristics of the owner of the car. Other changes can be included.

Types of shock absorbers for materials used

The shock absorbers are available not only in different styles and designs, but also in different materials. Here is a quick guide:


Plastic bumpers are cheaper in the group because they are easier to manufacture. Unfortunately, it can easily break due to a collision.


The best thing about aluminum bumpers is that they should be lightweight. This reduces the total weight of the vehicle, which can improve fuel economy.

Carbon fiber

It is known that coal fumes have a high resistance to impact. Even if they are light, they are still strong. They are expensive, so they can usually be found in high-end cars. This material is widely used in special bumpers.


Fiberglass is also light and durable. But unlike carbon fiber bumpers, fiber options are not expensive. It can be repaired and painted easily. The plastic is not very flexible.


Steel bumpers are known for their strength. They can better resist other materials. Unfortunately, this can be very difficult.

Get a new bumper

Buy a new bumper? In addition to design and materials, attention must be paid to other important details, such as landing and position (front or rear). Be sure to install it in the car, preferably do not change. Also pay attention to the treatment. Is it chromed, matte or coated? Do not forget that the best deals are not only at a reasonable price, but also a good guarantee.


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