Customer Relationship Management (Crm) in Pharmaceutical Industries

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Business is about communication, communication is about people. For business, people are consumers, which are the most essential element in any industry. To manage the consumers relations, Customer Relationship Management is the ideal technique. It is a technique where all the costumers data is kept in order to keep the information, data, handling calls, emails and follow up for higher profits. It is the go-to for a salesperson as it helps to maintain long-term relationships with customers, which is essentially important for sales. In a pharmaceutical company, CRM is very important, as medicines are not a choice or luxury, it has to sell in market in any way possible since it is the need. CRM helps you formulate strategies for existing customers and attract new ones, including whole sale retailers. CRM in pharma can help reaching the chemists, physicians, healthcare centres and hospitals.

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Why CRM?

Pharmaceutical industry have been facing issues in terms of growth due to track record problems such as:

  • Pharmaceutical Industry Growth Slowdown Recent reports showcase the fact that the industry is experiencing a slowdown as the markets have reached their saturation point. But with the growth of new medicines, it has experienced an increase for medicines like cancer and hepatitis. Thus, it is found out that growth rates are directly dependent on medications in the industry.
  • Value Based System The system has shifted to more value than fee-based system. To get the new medicines in the market, value based system can create a hassle in the growth rate.
  • Use of New technology No wonder as it is helping the pharma industry, it is at the same time have an impact on pharma which with time will reduce the manufacturing costs.
  • Biosimilar Showdown it is noted that biosimilar drugs increases the efficacy of medicines and patient safety at an economical cost. However, big players in the pharmaceutical industry are opposed to biosimilars as it’s hurting their innovative capacities.

To help these challenges faced, CRM software thus helps in taking care of the roles played in pharma industry. There are different type of software such as:


This type of CRM focuses on using software applications that helps in incorporating the various sets of information available as customer summaries. For example it will cover the customer’s recent purchase, contact information and order.

Sales Force Automation: It records in a stage process order.

Analytical, Collaborative and Campaign Management: the analytical will form an analytical approach as looking data for mining and using different techniques, collaborative involves providing data to its customers through extranet and campaign management is part of operational and analytical respectively.

CRM Software solutions offers the following software in the market , such as Zendesk, Freshdesk, HubSpot CRM, Veeva CRM. Out of which Veeva is at highest rating.

Veeva is the best CRM software which provides analytics and the proper customer database which leverages the power of data science to deliver a better, more coordinated customer experience for promotional customer interaction. Hence, increase in sales productivity. It is better than others because of its ability to engage customers.

  • Better engagement with the customers
  • Interactive in nature
  • Increases the field team effectiveness
  • It is the foundation on which pharma industry is increasing their productivity
  • Includes industry standardized health care professionals
  • Uses application logic and user interface

Therefore, CRM holds great significance in any industry for such field like pharma, it is essential as due to customer higher engagement, the industry will make profits and grow. The Veeba software is effective in nature as it is user friendly and sales effectiveness. Thus, it potentially works for every customer user satisfaction.

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