Importance of Civil Rights and Validation of Customer Rights & Responsibilities in Order to Provide Their Needs

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Customer rights and responsibilities are two main features that should not be ignore. Customer rights of any organization comprises of safety, awareness, choice, listening for opinions, satisfying the basic needs, compensation and culture. These elements altogether helps in building up a strong committee in a nation. While the customer responsibilities are to take proper care of an organization, fulfilling duties in an orderly manner, obeying laws accordingly and doing right job at right time.

This paper focus on how the customer right is linked with safety that is the foremost element and it also ensures an employee that work will be done in a safe environment and it will lead towards positivity as well. Aim of this article is to spread awareness in order to let other know what is happening around and what outcomes will be generated. Choice is third important element where people should be given some choice of freedom and this will help them in organizing their work accordingly. Listening for opinions is the customer duty to first listen and then follow. Satisfying the basic needs is the important right of a customer and if it is fulfilled in a proper manner, optimal outcomes can for sure be generated. Last but not the least, compensation and culture are two most important element with the help of which an organization is build up and it can lead towards profits as well.

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This article focuses on the Consumer Protection Law, which was enacted in order to answer the demands of the consumers of organizations. Previously, protection had been linked under the Law of organizations and firms. The Law was thus developed in order to protect the interests of consumers as well as to impose the following obligations:

  • a supplier’s liability towards consumers as an outcome of defects in the nature of those products it sells;
  • a supplier’s obligations of the sale of goods as well as services which covers all the issues including the labeling requirements, warranties as well as after sales service based obligations.

This Law was thus developed in order to protect the consumer by giving them a proper framework of all the remedies for the defective goods, ensuring honoring warranties as well as damages that led remedies. Aim is to ensure the stability of a nation and if proper law is organized, stability can be enhanced too. However, this Law does not elaborate on the matter of standards, quality and safety.Consumer protection arena is focused on areas where proper strategies should be incorporated and this method can bring in stability too. It is highly recommended to enhance the infrastructure, as this is the only key principle with which betterment can be enhanced.

Organizations or firms today have a wide and intensive form of services, which are related to the customer satisfaction. This sector has changed substantially. This article highlights that with improvement in science and technology it has gone through considerable change and improved a lot. Along with this, it is highly intangible, which makes it hard to asses it in terms of marketing. In recent years, industries have been trying to improve its service quality and reputation through inserting some marketing tools, as to emphasize on its tangibility to make things more real as well as believable, they increase the levels of visualization through distributing leaflets and use of digital marketing, also assuring quality through continuous documentation.

The article states that most of the general institutions lack an important element in its services that is properly reaching to its customer protection methodology. Along with this, different set of strategies are used to identify the status of the service user.Cost/benefit analysis also known as CBA is an important term that is used as a guiding decision making process along with a specific methodology for conducting RIA. All RIA can thus be considered to be properly based on the use of the benefit or/and cost based principles. This therefore means that the primary objective of conducting RIA is to ensure that all the regulations are actually made when the benefits of those specified regulation are larger as compare to the costs it imposes. This is the basic step when a society as a whole is to be made better off by these respective regulation. Therefore, decision makers must properly assess all the requests for the new regulation by properly asking whether they are confident that the entire benefits of the regulation are higher as compare to the costs.

As per various researches it has been proved that there are five major departments that need proper working and media based research is not included in it. In the recent, it has been proved that organizations have been emphasizing on buying the latest technology in the working field in order to meet all its customer requirements. This is the only way with the help of which betterment can be enhanced and overall outcomes can for sure be generated. This will definitely increase the potential of the customers and it will lead towards high level of satisfaction too. Aim of this article is to highlight how competitive environment can be enhanced.

Organizations today work in a fierce competition along with other public oriented organizations in order to deliver the best services for their customers. As mentioned in other papers too, possession of a best possible consumer oriented laws enables the organizations to go about their business in a consumer-oriented fashion, since setting priorities is helpful in giving the consumers what they want along with protecting them. It could also help in encompassing them with full range of protection, leisure, education, recreation, economic, social services and enabling them in making them aware that their importance is our first priority.

To conclude, organizations today work together to hold countries together by providing the customers their essential needs with quality as well as professionalism. Thus, organizations should be altered directly to the continuous changing needs of the human being. Government is therefore encouraged to spend on this sector as it deals with customer needs and their demands. By increasing customer needs level and proficiency, customer satisfaction can be improved. It involves a customer approach, one that will help address citizen complaints, alter their perceptions, and improve your performance. Therefore, it is essential to take proper care of all these elements so that no negative outcomes would be generated. This is the reason why right consumer mindset is termed as the right way to start a successful consumer based campaign. It is thus termed as the elemental frame of mind that customers possess and exhibit that lead to the overall success of an organization.

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