Customer Service: Customer is Always Right Or not

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A successful process of selling a product or service does not do without bilateral involvement in it both from the seller and the client. The buyer, in this case, advocates the rules and standards necessary for the title of 'good customer.' In the most general sense, this is a person or group interested in positive results of the overall work, as well as making efforts to achieve this result. Such people from the very beginning manifest themselves in several fundamental points.

The first distinguishing feature of a good customer is a focus on cooperation. The buyer perceives this as a partnership, invests his strength, knowledge, helps with advice in the process of conducting the operation (Steinman, 2019). He is fully involved in the process and, for its part, is trying to help the seller to perform his work efficiently. An equally important point is an open discussion of problems. It is a constructive public criticism, tips for improving the service, understanding of their non-ideality, which contribute to an adequate and objective approach.

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A good customer always knows what he wants, and he comes with a specific request or for a particular product. The norm for a competent customer is to build relationships from the principle of mutual respect and professional trust, which affects the level of service, quality, and customer service (Sheth, Parvatiyar & Shainesh, 2001). The key to this behavior is a mutual level of culture and education, experience in their field, and in general, the correspondence to the task or role taken upon themselves. A good client will try to ensure that your profit is such that you agreed in advance so that cooperation between you makes sense.

A good client pays on time, and in case of delay, argues it or, in the best fact, warns - there is no money, because of this, in this way everything falls into place. He does not go into the project more than the customer needs to complete it, does not interfere, but helps, that is, respects the rules of the company (Narayanan, 2019). The accentuated impact on the project makes working on it simple and easy. Even if he cannot, due to employment or objective reasons, solve the issues arising in the process, a person completely delegates his functions to his deputy, up to agree on the result. One fact that many will not cope with is that in truth, great customers pay to become better. That is, the buyer's desire to learn is manifested in this; good customers are prepared for the fact that they may be mistaken in their criteria. They are ready to learn how right and wrong because they sincerely believe in a good result.

The last feature on the list is a 'right buyer,' but not least in importance; this is an equal understanding of human communication. This person understands that you are the same person as he is, experiencing the same emotions, working on yourself. In conclusion, a good customer is a representative of buyers who have respect, are educated, and ready for dialogue and cooperation. In the market of goods and services, well-established client-manager relations can work for a positive result only with the active participation and involvement of both parties. The overall effect of the above shows a correlation between how a customer's personality can affect collaboration. Moreover, the presentation of the material includes information about two possible aspects of the buyer's actions: to promote a positive result or vice versa, to significantly interfere.

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