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Cyber Stalking

In the world of technology today, issues regarding privacy and confidentiality are inevitable. In regards to this, cyber crime has not been given the necessary attention it deserves. Apparently, a considerable number of people commit this offense once they get hold of a computer. Cybercrime has since become rampant; people commit it willingly, and sometimes unwillingly. Cybercrime could be defined as a crime that takes place through the internet or computer networks. Considering that cyber crimes often go unvalued in most instances, this paper will overwhelmingly focus on this subject. Cybercrime happens in various forms such as computer hacking, cyber stalking and violation of intellectual rights among others. The study will identify possible reasons for the cyber stalking, its impacts, and the best ways to prevent them from happening.

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Cyberstalking is the utilization of the Internet or other electronic channels to stalk or hassle an individual, a gathering, or an association. It may incorporate false allegations, maligning, criticism and defamation. It might likewise include observing, data fraud, dangers, vandalism, requesting for sex, or get-together data that may be utilized to undermine or disturb. Cyber stalking is regularly joined by real-time or offline stalking both of which are criminal offenses. Both attempts to control, threaten or impact a victimized person. A stalker may be an online more peculiar or a man whom the target knows. He may be mysterious and request inclusion of other individuals online who do not even know the objective. Cyber stalking is a criminal offense under different state hostile to stalking, criticism and badgering laws. A conviction can bring about a limiting request, probation, or criminal punishments against the attacker, including penitentiary (Dreßing et al. 61-63).

While various nations are endeavoring to fuse this manifestation of badgering into their hostile to stalking enactment, the laws against digital stalking in numerous purviews are either constrained or non-existent. The reason is the low importance on stalking laws of there being a trustworthy danger or because of the disappointment of administrative structures to stay aware of innovation. The impacts of digital stalking can be indistinguishable to those all things considered stalking circumstances because the stalking happens online does not make it any less startling or harming. With the Internet reaching a large number of individuals, the harm can be far more extensive arriving at and persevering (Dreßing et al. 63-67).

Cyberstalking has made many persons and organizations to suffer because the type of crime is new. Unfortunately, a few numbers of users understand the facts about this offense. Reyns and Billy (311-314) explain the level of understanding regarding this offense. For the victimized person, who does not know whether the harasser is on the other side of the universe or living nearby, the apprehension or shame is genuine. This apprehension is legitimized as there are numerous occurrences where provocation that has begun on the internet has crossed into disconnected from the net, real physical stalking.

The casualties of stalking have been a rich wellspring of data, contributing not just to our comprehension of the experience of extended provocation, additionally our insight into stalking, as a rule. Through substantial scale group overviews and littler investigations of particular groups of victims, we have started to comprehend the harmful and conceivably pulverizing impacts of stalking exploitation. Aside from the regular legitimate essential of apprehension, and the likelihood of harm because of the ambush. Examination has demonstrated that victimized people endure an extensive variety of mental, physical, occupational, social and general life impacts as an outcome of being stalked. According to David (197-202), the experience and effect can fluctuate incredibly between victimized people with practices that may be viewed as irritating to one exploited person can have a shattering impact on an alternate person.

To evade cyber stalking, individuals should be made aware of the various types of stalkers. Firstly, the parents should restrict and train their kids to refrain from sharing information about strangers. Additionally, the individuals and organizations should avoid exposing their confidential information that is usually used by stalkers as a medium for harassment. The victims of the cyber stalk should report any incidence of stalking and should retain the information sent by the stalkers whether online or offline. In order to assist the government investigation agencies to trace the source of information (Spitzberg and Hoobler 71-92). On the other hand, the states should enact stiffer penalties for anyone who is caught committing any cyber crime. Moreover, the governments should devise effective strategies and systems in line with the current technology that could assist in tracking the stalkers.

In conclusion, the advancement of technology, especially in the Information and Technology has come up with a fair share of advantages and disadvantages. Recently, there has been rising aspect of cybercrime and most notably the cyber stalking that is conducted in various forms by the internet perpetrators. Arguably, it shows the degree of seriousness that this matter should be addressed in all nations to curb these situations to promote free and secure ways of using the internet worldwide gauging by the weight of its impacts. It is with no doubt that from time to time, there has been improvement in the existing laws that govern internet usage. All these laws should be updated to suit the growing need of using the internet and individuals should be alerted to be cautious too.

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