Cyber Bullying and Why Parents Need to Monitor Their Children's Activity

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From the year 2000 - 2010 there have been over 15 suicides all relating to one cause that almost everybody in schools deal with. That cause is from cyber bullying. Has anyone on Facebook, twitter, or any other social network messaged you or made a post about you saying hateful and discreet things to you or about you? Then you are one of the millions who suffer from cyber bullying. You may believe that it was only something “funny” or “a joke” but deep down did you feel pain or sadness? Back in the old days, you could go home and be at your safe haven but now when you go to your home and go on your computer, the bullies kept pestering them on Facebook or other social networks. Because of this, schools and parents should monitor their children’s activities online to prevent them from bullying and getting bullied.

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One reason why parents should monitor their child’s activities is because sometimes when kids get bullied online, they don’t usually tell their parents about it and take their own actions. These kids usually end up suiciding, running away, or doing something stupid like buying a gun and shooting innocent people. Parents can prevent this by monitoring their activities to know what their child has been up to and if he is doing something wrong or if someone is doing something wrong to them. Another way is to be friends with your child on social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter to know what their child has been posting and to make sure that no one is bullying them as well.

Another very important reason why cyber bullying should be monitored carefully is because it leads kids to suicide and school shootings. Teen suicides from the ages 15-21 have been ordered in a statistic that 10/100,000 people end up killing themselves. Almost 8/100,000 of those have been related to school issues and what other issues would a kid have than bullying. The statistic shows an almost 10% increase in these ages suicide in 2000 alone which is huge compared to before where kids killing themselves was a rare case. Another thing that is involved with kids killing is school shootings. From the years 2000-2010 over 20 school shootings have occurred and 15 of them have been from kids. Most of these kid shootings happen when one or two people that nobody really understands or that they hate kill 1-5 people. Others just kill everyone because and most of the reasons lead to them being mistreated at school or having parent troubles. On April 20, 1999 the most famous school shooting occurred when two people who were poorly treated at school killed over 20 people. This is a prime example of bullying effects and how it makes an impact.

Consequences. Cyberbullying does come with consequences, so before you post, email, or text something, think about what you wrote and think about the consequences you will get if what you wrote hurts the other person’s feelings. No matter what you do, you can’t hide from what you did. One way or another, the police will find you through your history of what you posted, emailed, or texted, or by human witnesses who saw what you posted or emailed. Once you are caught, you will be judged and most likely be sent to Juvenile Hall or worse, be sentenced to jail for over ten years. Because of this, your chances of going to college are slim and you might end up going to a community college or just get a job as a cashier at Safeway. An example of this is Dharun Ravi who had a gay roommate in his dorm room. He had nothing against gay people but he just wanted to have fun and so he set up a camera and wrote a program so that he can access the camera whenever he wants and see what was going on in the dorm. Tyler, his roommate, found out and a couple of days later, jumped off a bridge and suicided. Dharun is now being sentenced to jail for over ten years and now his life is basically ruined. Now tell me, is this what you really want?

Privacy. This is what kids in this generation need and want. They don’t like parents looking over their history or monitoring all the websites that they went to and what they did. Some kids don’t care, others do, but in the end, it’s all for a good cause and they have to realize that it’s for their own good as well as others. Although it’s true that some parents like to give their children privacy because either they trust that they won’t do bad things or because they believe that privacy is important and that they shouldn’t take that away from them, it is still best for both your child and others. Even though parents trust their children, some tend to do stuff anyways like Dharun Ravi. His parents raised him well and they trusted that he will be able to take care of himself in College, but look at what he has done.

Parents should monitor their children’s activities online whether they like it or not. Even though they may trust their children, just look at Dharun Ravi and how his parents trusted him but he did stuff that he can never take back anyway. Consequences. You may think that nothing will go wrong if you call a person a name or spread a small rumor, but in reality, the person that you are talking to or spreading the rumor about is getting hurt by it. By doing this, the person that you are ‘attacking’ might do something stupid like Tyler and the fault will be all yours. This will most ruin your life or career as it did Dharun’s.

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