Cyber Security Role Players in South Africa

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  • Impact
  • FireEye
  • PM&A Consulting & IT Services
  • Wolfpack


Impact is the International Multilateral Partnership Against Cyber Threats, and is a UN backed cyber security alliance. The company was founded in 2008 following the World Cyber Security Summit and their headquarters are located in Malaysia. According to their website, Impact is made up of 152 different nations, and has trained more than 1900 cyber security professionals, has offered 427 scholarships and has trained 84 partner countries. Their services include a Global Response Centre, a Centre for Policy and International Cooperation, a Centre for Training and Skills Development and a Centre for Security Assurance and Research. Essentially, they offer training in fighting cyber-crime, as well as study and observe cyber-crime taking place in the world, while assisting in policy and legislation development surrounding cyber-crime.

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IMPACT educates people around the world on what cyber-crime is, how it can be fought using ICTs, and host seminars. They do not have a training facility. They do not offer alerting services, nor do they have a newsletter.

According to their site, IMPACT utilises Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn for social media marketing. Their site also offers a link to their Wikipedia page where more information about them can be found. Their website is not particularly useful and is not user friendly.


FireEye is a cybersecurity firm that was founded in 2004. The company is publicly listed on the stock exchange, and located in California, in the United States. Their website states that their “fundamental belief is that hands-on front-line expertise and intelligence, combined with innovative technology, provides the best means to protect our customers from cyber threats.” The main services offered by FireEye are Breach response, Security Assessment, Security Enhancement and Security Transformation. In order to prevent cyberattacks, the company’s Security Assessment services include penetration testing, which FireEye states aims to help organisations “Learn exactly how vulnerable your [an organisation’s] most critical assets are to cyberattacks.”

FireEye offers both education and training, aimed at improving a team’s abilities and operational skills in dealing with and preventing cyberattacks, with the use of ICTs. Their website has a training catalogue and schedule, as well as a way for you to register for training. They also have press releases and annual threat reports, but do not offer alerting services. However, their software has a threat alert function.

FireEye makes use of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, iTunes Podcasts and has a Google+ Community. They use these platforms to market and engage with the public and customers.

PM&A Consulting & IT Services

Paul Miller & Associates is an IT and consulting firm based in Cape Town, South Africa and was founded in 1993 by CEO and founder Paul Miller. The company website states they only offer “IT services, advice, hardware or software you require, at competitive prices.” As for their IT services, they offer “advanced protection for business networks and data” that are “affordable and easy to maintain”. PM&A also offers a free assessment for businesses to determine their security needs.

PM&A does not offer education and training on the use of ICTs to combat crime, nor do they have a training facility.

The company does not make use of any social media platforms other than LinkedIn, and their marketing strategies are unknown.


Wolfpack is a South African based cybersecurity firm that was founded in 2011 and is BBBEE accredited. They offer Threat Intelligence, Advisory, Awareness, Training and Managed services, according to their website. They detect and prevent crime by conducted focused “research projects on topics such as cybercrime and critical information infrastructure protection.” Wolfpack also offers software for the purpose of protection from malicious attacks.

Wolfpack is largely aimed at educating people in South Africa about the threat of cybercrime, and how it can be prevented. They conducted research on various aspects of cybercrime and host seminars and conferences, as well as write reports annually on topics relating to cybercrime. The company does offer a newsletter alerting service to keep people up to date with developments in cybercrime news

Wolfpack utilises Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to market on social media.

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