Cyberbullying Cases on Social Media

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  Weblogs, wikis, forums, instant messaging, social media, and email are all social technologies that share information and have online community arrangement. Therefore, there is a big risk with all of these social web sites and children’s safety. There are a lot of sites like Facebook and Instagram that have age requirements, but are easily lied to by teens. Facebook and Instagram can be fun and possibly a safe environment for children of any age, with the proper discipline, high maturity level, and parental supervision. The Internet isn’t innocent by any means. For example, there are stalkers, predators, rapists, and identity thieves. On the other hand, social media causes sleep deprivation because teens are getting caught up with it. It also causes cyber bullying for teens that like to send hate to one another. This is why younger teens should not be on social media websites.

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One of the biggest reasons that social media shouldn’t be given to younger teens is because of safety reasons. Obviously, kids with no experience or maturity level, don’t always make the smartest choices, so social media can be dangerous in many ways. According to Taipei Teen Tribute it states, “First, as the number of social media users is increasing rapidly, more criminals have been caught online in the past few years.” Obviously, we can’t really classify whether a stranger is honest or friendly before connecting with them in person, and you never know if you are a target to these strangers. Taipei Teen Tribute also states that, “Online predators have catfished many teens by creating a fake Facebook profile and pretending to be an attractive guy. They then ask the deceived teens to meet them offline.” Most adults are convinced that their kids know the possible dangers associated with the internet, but it turns out that many kids aren’t aware of this or don’t learn this lesson until the time comes and it’s too late.

The second reason is that it causes teens sleep deprivation. In January, researchers at the University of Pittsburgh attended a study which found that people who spend a lot of time on social media are more likely to suffer sleep disorders. “We already know about the link between technology and sleep problems but not about the nature of social media and its unique association with sleep disturbances,” says Dr. Jessica Levenson, a co-author of the study and clinical psychologist. “Social media could affect sleep because of the light emitted from the screen, because the content is emotionally engaging or because people just get caught up doing it and go to bed later or it could be a combination of all three,” Jessica adds. Using phones, laptops, and tablets at night before hitting bed commonly is certainly linked with poor quality sleep. Poor quality of sleep will also link to lack of participation in the classroom. Not only does our performance, memory, and attention span suffer, our immune system also damaged. If students don’t get enough sleep, they can easily get tired and won’t apply themselves in class. This makes it more likely that they will fail tests or be yelled at by teachers.

As the number of social media users boosts quickly, cyberbullying cases are becoming a genuine issue. According to Taipei Teen Tribune, “kids all around the world are impacted by cyber bullying every day. Since teenagers care about friendship and popularity so much, the “cool” kids often make fun of the kids who aren’t.” The desire behind this activity may be showing power, for getting back at someone, even just to ease boredom and so on. Some of the kids even feel that the ones that they are bullying deserve it. Even though most kids accept that this is definitely not the best thing to do, with a fake feeling of security and that name “anonymous” that the internet shows, kids believe that it’s tougher to be caught bullying online. Also, teens sometimes don’t have the consciousness that they’re making other teens angry and sad.

To conclude, younger teens should definitely not be using social media due to keeping safe, staying healthy, and keeping happy. Social media may be in the “trend” to have but some may say that staying out of the trends is better than putting your life on the line. There is way more to life than just social media, such as family, friends, and school. Staying out of social media will improve your quality of everyday life by dodging those risks. Teens don’t know all of the little bits there is to know about how many problems can be included before they act. Spending time on social media is irrelevant and it has plenty of negative effects.  

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