Cyberbullying in Social Networks: Causes and Solutions

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Mia-Lili Bennett, a 10-year-old girl who was bullied when someone made an Instagram poll with the caption “Who thinks she ugly.” Fifty-seven percent said yes, and forty-three percent of the people that responded said no. As technology develops throughout the years so does the use of it. Social network sites are web-based services that allow individuals to interact with other users to form connections.

Benefits of social media

Social media can be used to promote or build a business. It can also be used to get new information/ news. It also allows you to communicate around the world with new or old friends, relatives.

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Negative effects of social media

People can be a victim of scammers and predators. There are many fake accounts and people who are trying to get you to share private information. People who are exposed to social media be bullied and feel depressed. It leads to privacy issues and concerns. It is a distraction to many people.

Adults, teenagers, and young children are engaged in social media every day, and at one point they come upon something that is not right. Many people have encountered cyberbullying. They have either been the victim or the offender. It’s how you choose to respond to it and what you choose to do because of it.

Bullying has been taken into the form of social media. Teens and young children have been victims of this cruel and harmful platform. Cyberbullying is bullying that takes place over digital devices through text messages, online social media or gaming, and apps.

According to a study by Justin W. Patchin, published by Cyberbullying Research Center on November 26, 2016, about 34% of the students that participated in the study have experienced some of cyberbullying. They either had mean comments said to them, or rumors spread about them.

Bullying are remarks to an individual that can be harmful and unpleasant. It includes making threats to a person, attacking someone physical or verbal, spreading rumors, and excluding them from any social class. It is an aggressive behavior that needs to be addressed.

In the scholarly article, Comparing cyberbullying perpetration on social media between primary and secondary school students, by Shirley S. Ho stated that a person's attitude and subject norms toward something, and active/ restricted medications from parents are associated with cyberbullying

Victims deal with negative effects. Children are absent, isolated, and can result in suicidal thinking.

In the journal article, Does Cyberbullying Impact Youth Suicidal behaviors?, by Dimitrios Nikolaou, published by Journal of Health Economics, found that cyberbullying has a large impact on suicidal behaviors. It has stated that it increases a person's thought to commit suicide by 15 percent and attempts to commit it by 9 percent. This means that a person who has experience or dealt with cyberbullying are at risk of having suicidal thoughts.

In the article, 6 ways social media can ruin your life, stated that social media is an easy access for an offender to target a person without having to deal with physical confrontation.

People are easy targets and are more likely to be targeted if their posts are not private.

Although cyberbullying happens out outside of school ground, teachers and staff should be more aware of a students’ academic changes. Parents should also be aware of what their children put out there for the world to see. Adults should be more considerate of what they post online as well. People who are targeted should speak up and talk to someone that can help them.


Cyberbullying is a serious problem in society. Mia-Lili Bennett who was a victim of this cruel and hurtful form of bullying, had thoughts of ending her life but her parents made sure she was safe. They helped her by being on suicide watch band making sure she wasn’t using any social media until she gets older

Adapted from J. David Velleman, The Genesis of Shame, “Nowadays nothing is private: our culture has become too confessional and self- expressive. People think to hide one’s thoughts or feelings are to pretend not to have these thoughts or feelings. They assume that honesty requires them to express every inclination and impose”

Either you're the victim or offender many times the way we say or do something, there are other who interpret things differently.

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