DACA: Illegal Immigrants in America

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DACA and the Dream act is good for America because It brings many benefits to it. Not only do the illegal immigrants have a benefit from it but so does America. Many young people relied on the programs as a way for them to be free and have the same opportunity as the rest of the people in this country. Do you really want to take away the dreams of a young child? Who migrated here to America because they didn’t have the same opportunity where they are from?

The program DACA and the DREAM Act is to help out illegal immigrants. To those young people who weren’t born here in America but were raised here. It grants legal status to certain undocumented immigrants who were brought to the united states as children, who have lived and gone to school here. Many of these young people’s parents made risk to migrating to America just so their children can attend a good school and have a better life than what they had in their country when they were once a child. They saw it as the promised land. Where it had many great opportunities for not only them but for their family as well.

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From the very beginning, America had been a nation full of immigrants. By the late 1800s, over 25 million people had immigrated to the united states from Southern and Eastern European countries. Millions came from Germany, Italy, etc. They were all driven by what I assume to be an economic need, and in many cases, it could have been by violence and religious reasons in their homelands. They came risking it all. They risked it all because they knew that once all the struggle has gone by, there would be something great waiting for them. They came to the United States in hopes of a better life in a time of economic and hard struggles of their life changes.

Many of them came for these reasons:

  • They came in search of religious freedom.
  • They came seeking greater economic opportunity.
  • They came escaping from massive famines.
  • They came risking their lives for their families.

If these illegal immigrants didn’t risk their own lives to come to the freedom land, then mostly all of the Americans here today wouldn’t even be here. Yet, the government and others want to deny and hold back others from pursuing the same dream that their ancestors had dreamed of and have had. Everyone should be treated equally and should be given the same opportunities that everyone receives.

Many people in today’s society are stating that illegal immigrants are taking their jobs away. Let me ask a question though: Would any of you dare to do the same jobs as the immigrants do these past years? Working many hours of the week and only getting paid very few amounts of money for it? Working in bad weather conditions? Not having the proper gear to work with? Very few wills, and that’s why many jobs hire people who are from other countries because those immigrants are hardworking people. They take advantage that they are here in the U.S. because they know that there is no work back in their country. That’s why they take any job anyone offers to them because it’s not easy to earn money. Plus, they have a family to look out for.

Nowadays, you see many people out on the street with signs up saying “Need money. Please help with whatever amount.” or other signs that specifically talk about needing money. But you never see Latino people doing that. All you see is them holding up a sign saying, “Need a job.” They go their ways out to find work not just wait for someone to hand it to them. You see them in corners, and when you offer them work most of them don’t even ask how much they get paid. They just jump in your car, excited to have a job. Many of them are fast learners too. In fact, Undocumented workers account for 67 percent of people harvesting fruit, according to the Agriculture Department. They make up 61 percent of all employees on vegetable farms, and many as half of all workers picking up crops.

America has the benefit of illegal immigrants. Those illegal immigrants do all of this work for their children. Just so their children can live a good life. So, they wouldn’t have to go through that poverty that their parents went through when they were their age. It’s very upsetting, knowing what our president is doing. Trying to build a wall just so immigrants wouldn’t come here. They state that all immigrants do here is bringing trouble but in reality, not everyone’s intentions are that. Just because someone made a poor choice doesn’t mean all of the peoples of that race plans to do the same thing. Also, it’s sad seeing the government trying to take away these programs for immigrants. Who also have a dream to better their lives.

Therefore, America definitely has a benefit from those programs and illegal immigrants. That’s why more than ever should we help the immigrants. Instead of trying to separate families apart why not make a difference and treat everyone equally.

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