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Dad's Honey Garlic Chicken

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There was this certain food that I loved, I longed and sought for. Its familiar scent gets me excited. Its taste makes me go crazy. It’s the honey garlic chicken we’re talking about. I can never get enough of dad’s cooking.

This is commonly served by my dad on special occasions. Whenever he serves this, I get excited since it’s one of my favourite. You can barely smell the sweetness of the honey mixed with the garlic and other spices. The smell of the garlic makes this a mouth-watering dish that everyone loves. If its smell is enough for us to go wild and crazy, expect that its taste will make us want more of it. Its sweet taste makes me smile and happy. The chicken goes really well with its softness added with the honey as an alternative for the sauce. Its softness makes it easy to eat; the chicken meat itself melts in your mouth making you feel like you’re the luckiest person in the entire world for eating this dish. Truly this dish is one of the best a person can taste. Who knew combining honey and chicken could make a wonderful recipe like this! The amount of sauce this dish has? Enough for you to drizzle some on your rice making it one of the best foods paired with rice. The sauce is like perfectly balanced, sweet and garlicky syrup mixed with spices. Just smelling this dish simmer all around your kitchen and watching all these sauce and chicken meat makes your mouth water and makes you go excited wondering how good this food is. Best part is all the main ingredients you need to cook this is just honey, water, soy sauce, vinegar, and of course your one and only chicken. After taking a bite, you might make yourself lick your own fingers for its juicy and yummy taste! Imagine yourself eating this with your friends while laughing and sharing some happy moments with them. The best part is this recipe can be baked too which saves you some energy rather than going to the kitchen and waiting it to simmer and manually doing the steps in cooking it. Though I prefer the manual one since I am not into baked foods that much, but the baked one is still as good as the manual one. The food itself is enough for you to go wild at and spend your whole life cooking it, sharing it with your friends or teaching your young’uns on how to cook this dish.

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This dish could satisfy your cravings and makes you want more of this food! Just remember to take it easy and don’t forget to take the right amount of food you can eat. Also remember to drink lots of water since it is very sweet and a bit of salty. This dish leaves you awed and makes you wonder how this very delicious food was made. With this sweet and good food, you’ll surely have a good long rest at night remembering the day you ate the honey garlic chicken.


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